Earth Like Planet Found


Oct 22, 2019
Proxima Centuri b is an exoplanet that is studied more now. Here is another report from Nov-2020 this year.,

"...The comparatively low surface temperature means that its habitable zone lies very close to the star and Proxima b, with its mass of about 1.2 Earth-masses, lies about twenty times closer to the star than the Earth does to the Sun, orbiting in only 11.2 days. Being as close as it is to its star, Proxima b (like all habitable-zone exoplanets around M-dwarf stars) is susceptible to stellar flares, winds, X-rays, and other kinds of activity that could disrupt its atmosphere and possibilities for life. These activities are linked to the strong magnetic fields in M-dwarfs, and they remain active in dwarf stars over much longer timescales than in higher-mass stars like the Sun, so that the cumulative exposures are commensurately greater. All these issues have been investigated in some detail for Proxima b; one conclusion, for example, is that it is probably subject to wind pressures ten thousand times larger than those exerted by the Sun on the Earth."

[My observation. This suggest that any atmosphere could be quickly eroded, thus not a habitable exoplanet around the red dwarf host.]

I also notice some different properties reported too, example this site shows eccentricity is 0.10,, potential surface temperature 216 K, very cold. This site shows eccentricity is 0.35, Cen, Cen#planet_Proxima-Cen-b_collapsible

234 K surface temperature shown. Eccentric orbit and surface could be very cold and possible red dwarf host star stellar winds 10,000 x stronger than Earth receives from our sun, possible atmosphere erosion too.

The exoplanet is an intriguing and interesting find---Rod