Emergency protocols in a space mission


Jul 30, 2021
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What are some emergency protocols, beside fire and medical emergencies, that are put in place for a space mission?

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Jul 30, 2021
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An emergency situation may also arise with respect to space debris.

Kessler Syndrome is a collision of satellites with a domino effect: objects in space collide, generate space debris, which collide with new objects and so on. The really frightening thing is that this is our very real future.

As a result, there will be a high risk of launching a rocket or satellite, as even 1mm of debris may result in catastrophic consequences. Therefore, the companies that work on this problem are important.

I loved Skyrora's ambition to address the garbage problem and also the satellites that will not cause such damage to the environment. You can read more about the plans to solve this problem on the official website.

As they say, the formulation and understanding of the problem already accounts for half of the solution.
Never saw it. Is it still available?

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You've never seen Gravity? It's one of my favourites. Very good Space orbital special effects. Of space junk crashing into everything. Yes it's still available. If you can't find it I'll send you my copy, I can get another for free. Ive built up enough points for that. It also has Sandra Bullock. 🙂
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Apr 23, 2021
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sudden depressurization would most likely be one on the list-actually believe this has happened to a crew aboard the space station Mir when a robotic cargo ship collided with the station causing sudden depressurization to one of the station's modules. The crew would have to retreat into a waiting crew vessel (in that case in was a Soyuz capsule) until the problem could either be repaired or the damaged module sealed off from the rest of the station.
Aug 27, 2021
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Each crew of three launches in a Soyuz capsule. There are now six people on the ISS most of the time, which means there are two Soyuz capsules docked to the ISS. In an emergency situation, each three person crew can return to their assigned Soyuz. That Soyuz can be separated from the ISS within three minutes. Typical time from decision to leave until landing in Kazakhstan is just under 3.5 hours.

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