Europe Launches Satellite to Study Alien Worlds

A new exoplanet mission took to the skies early this morning (Dec. 18), on a quest to better understand the metrics of distant worlds.

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I look forward to reports coming on exoplanet studies here. It is important to know the size and mass of exoplanets. A big problem is determining the exoplanet value for inclination in the orbit and how this can affect mass. This can limit the mass of the exoplanet and the trigonometric function, sini places lower mass limits for many, so the actual size and masses could be larger.
Dec 2, 2019
Does it really matter what ever we might reasonably expect to learn from this venture of knowing something more about one of billions of planets in our universe beyond the several we already know about, in which that knowledge isn't very useful and we won't have missed anything meaningful if we had never gone to them. Like the moon.

We must use all our resources in a responsible meaningful way. they are all scarce dont just the emotional driven list, currently in vogue!

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