Europe's planet-hunting CHEOPS telescope spies its 1st alien worlds


Oct 22, 2019
The article states "One of the exoplanets that CHEOPS observed during this practice one is a puffy, gaseous world known as KELT-11b. The exoplanet orbits a subgiant star called HD 93396, which is located 320 light-years away from Earth. HD 93396 is three times larger than our sun, and KELT-11b is about 30% larger than Jupiter, but the gas giant orbits closer to its host star than Mercury is to the sun. Using data CHEOPS gathered during that transit, scientists measured that KELT-11b is 112,800 miles (181,600 kilometers) wide. This measurement is five times more accurate than what can be done using Earth-based telescopes, ESA officials said in the statement."

Good diameter measurement reported. Other reports I read show close to 1.3 Jupiter radii, given the diameter in km, I calculated about 1.27 Jupiter radii. Did not see a rotation rate but if similar to Jupiter, spinning near 16 km/s at its equator. I had some notes on this exoplanet in my home database. [KELT-11 b is in the news again. Large gaseous radius with 0.093 g cm^-3. Very low mean density for this sub-Saturn gas giant.] KELT-11b: A Highly Inflated Sub-Saturn Exoplanet Transiting the V = 8 Subgiant HD 93396
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