Exoplanet Radii - Fulton Gap filled?

Here is a current distribution of exoplanets by their radii. With almost 3600 known radii, the "Fulton Gap" seems to be gone. Or am I missing something?

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Well, looking at it again, the database I use (exoplanet.eu) with almost 5k exoplanets and the 3600 values for radii, do not show but 14 exoplanets with > 2 Earth Radius. But the graph, per my link, shows hundreds of exoplanets with > 2 Em. Why is that?
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Well, I'm glad I caught the error above because it's a "not that bright" one. I falsely assumed the radii were in Earth radii, since we are looking for Earth-like planets, but they are of the Jupiter radius.

Here is the corrected distribution. The gap is more of a saddle, but I can see why it's of some interest.