Extrasolar Moons being Earthlike??

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Words such as Endor & Pandora are Ancient and this takes me back to a conversation I once had with a religious brother re: inventions and discoveries. The resultant agreement was: 1. What a man thinkest already is and what a man invents already was and what a man discovers (the latter being mine) brings us just a little closer to the Awsome Creator whom I call GOD. The baseline is to think outside the box and the box is what man keeps trying to put GOD in so as not to question or explore. Oceandale and Website is http//wwwshadowlandbluewater.spaces.live.com
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Endor & Pandora may be fictional, but they may be closer to reality than the makers of (George Lucas) Star Wars or (James Cameron) Avatar may have realised.

Whilst many extrasolar planets appear to be hot Jupiters, hot Saturns, & hot Uranuss / Neptunes, there is a possiblilty of large Jovian worlds, perhaps Jupiter massed & higher orbiting within the star's ecosphere / habitable zone. Possibly these giant planets will have rings & moons, some moons around the largest gas giants possibly approaching the mass of Earth.

However both Jupiter & Saturn in our own solar system could easily host an Earth massed moon, as the mass ratio between Earth & them is actually greater than it is between the Earth & the Moon. Jupiter to Earth = 318/1, Saturn to Earth= 95/1 Earth to Moon 81/1.

Interesting article.

Andrew Brown.
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