Failure of Blue Origin's New Shepard a reminder that spaceflight is still hard

Oct 21, 2019
When the emergency escape system was triggered the capsule accelerated away from the failed booster (which is obviously what you want to happen in such a situation!). However it does prompt me to wonder what level of g forces the capsule and any occupants in it (if it had been crewed) would have been subjected to? I guess it would have been pretty uncomfortable like having an elephant sitting on top of you, still it's preferable to being blown apart..... :oops:
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Sep 13, 2022
I wonder if BO will release any further info - sadly they like to keep things close to their chest and this hardly seems something they'll want to make much news out of.

I hadn't realised that they only had two boosters, one each for tourist and payload flights. It would also be interesting to know why and what differences the two designs have.

The capsule will also likely need some additional refurbishment since the solid rocket motor has been expended and presumably scorched a few bits and pieces.
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