Fermi Paradox: Where are the aliens?

IMO, The somewhat hopeful, hebephrenic search for extraterrestrial life has produced a plethora of sci-fi movies, books, TV programs and similar entertainment as well as genuine scientific progress in Cosmology and Astronomy. Such is an economic "win" for many countries. However, to me it seems realistic that H. Sapiens is alone at least in our visible universe which may be a "good thing" for both H. Sapiens and any erstwhile extraterrestrial sapient aliens.
Jan 2, 2022
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The Fermi Paradox is fundamentally flawed. It's a waste of time. It assumes that "aliens" must exist within our human range of perception or technological detection. But purports that potential aliens have had 1 Million + years to advance beyond our current state. Well if they're that far advanced, we can't even begin to imagine how such a race has mastered it's relationship with what we perceive as "reality". Such a race might even appear to us to be magic/spirit (if or when they do interact with us). And we know what science says about magic and spirit haha....

But please, science... continue to try and solve this "paradox" (not really a paradox).