Forces and anti-forces

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The Universe........

The Forces.........

Strong, Weak Nuclear force, EM force, Gravity.................

And now the confusion starts. From the start, Gravity just doesnt "feel" right, (like, "one of these things is not like the others.......")

But now lets throw "gravitons" into the mix.......I have to ask, are forces "particles"? Or is this just another property of "one of these kids is not like the others..."

But if forces ARE particles, and for every particle there is an anti particle, now we have an important clue as to pre-big bang conditions......

So we COULD say, that even if these "anti" particles didnt exist, the "SuperForce" would have to have the following properties......

1. Anti-Gravity
2. Anti-strong nuke force
3. Anti-weak nuke force
4. Anti-EM force

These properties would allow the "SuperForce" to hold all the other forces in check, causing balance. Each force canceling out its corresponding anti-force.

Now, Im not pretending to understand any of this, but logically, if the big bang DID happen (I think it did, but Im leaving room for argument) then it must have been due to an instability between these opposing forces.

Once the bond was broken, an enormous flash and now there is not one, but TWO Universes. One Matter (ours) and with the Forces we all know and love, One Anti-matter, ruled by the opposing "Anti" forces.

Expansion is not only making our known Universe bigger, its also forcing these two Universes apart, even though there opposing charges cause an attraction (Where have I seen THAT before? Quantum Mechanics perhaps? (an electron orbiting a proton?) Could this "anti-matter" Universe help link these two leading theories (Quantum Mechanics and Relativity?))

If this gets bounced to "The Unexplained" thats OK. I can understand why (at least THAT I can understand)

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