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Sep 19, 2020
It has long been speculated that life may be present or may have existed on the Moon in some form at some stage in its evolution. Recently, it has been hypothesized that fossils may be present on the Moon. However, no convincing evidence has been put forward in this regard so far. Fossils of large animals, particularly dinosaurs and aliens on the Moon have not been reported till date.

Two space enthusiasts, Mr. Jag Mohan Saxena and Dr. Hari Mohan Saxena have discovered some fossil – like objects on the Moon, including the South Pole of the Moon, which have striking resemblance to fossils of dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs and fossilized dinosaur embryos. Intact eggs containing fossilized embryos of large bird – like dinosaurs were discovered beneath the surface of the Moon. The embryos have been tentatively named as Lunasaurus saxenaii (genus novelsi, species novelsi) and Chandrasaurus polaris (genus novelsi, species novelsi), respectively. The latter derives its name from the lunar South Pole where it was discovered.

Fossilized embryo found on the Moon tentatively named as Lunasaurus saxenaii (genus novelsi, species novelsi)


Fossilized embryo found on the Moon tentatively named as Chandrasaurus polaris (genus novelsi, species novelsi)

Some fossils appear similar in shape, though not identical, to human skulls and may possibly be alien skulls.

The discoveries were made from the imagery of the Moon photographed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) available in the public domain on the LROC website. Special filters and settings were applied to the screenshot images for enhancement to obtain clear, large images with better differentiation. The findings have been described in two papers published in the July and August 2023 issues of the New York Science Journal from USA.


Apr 3, 2020
No. Just no. This is evidence of nothing except an apparent pattern that you are claiming is something, that it is not.

I applaud your efforts to find things in lunar images, but this is hardly noteworthy however worded/documented.

This would never stand up under any rigorous study. For example, how large would a sample need to be to be visible from lunar orbit?
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