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Moved here as I think it belongs to this thread, "From a drop of water....":

Roger Penrose called looking out into the universe, looking at the richly laden "Table of God," (essentially, the fabled "Horn of Plenty"). I much prefer the other I've read, that looking out into the vastness of the universe is to look into the physical "Face of God" looking back (or, as Nietzsche put it, "Stare into the Abyss, the Abyss will stare back into you").

Then there is Stephen Hawking and his reference to the "life Zone" (temperate zone) of the universe and the forever constant of life's migration with its constant of migration mid-horizon of the universe. As I read him, the existence of a fundamental "Life Force" to and in the universe . . . going with the all the other fundamental forces that pyramid to and from it as apex energy. It being the only possible live action manipulative force of forces to and in the universe. In other words the universe(s) being quite manipulative (being amenable / submissive to working) up to a certain degree by the creative energies and reaches of life.

Also, there being far more dimensions to life, thus to the 'Life Force', than to the other fundamental forces. Being the apex of the pyramid, it encompasses and incorporates all the rest. It "unifies" them all within its grasp.

Hawking lamented the modern separation of philosophy and cosmology and physics. That it should never have happened. From all I've read from the writings and theories of various physicists and some philosophers, separation never really happened despite all of the denial of philosophy on the part of many physicists, particularly having to do with "Cosmology."
Reading today again elsewhere where the age of the universe is being moved backward to 27.6-billion years old. Ha! Ha! Ha! .....

With just one, and one only, superposition exception (the P/BB 'Mirror Horizon' t=+1), (t=-1), (t=*1*)), the universally eternal constant is change. The physical universe, and everything physical in it, is only as old as the latest instant / instance of change (t=0) (c=(t=0). The grand total of matter and energy in the universe equals zero.

("instantaneous spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) 'front' ('Frontier')." Eternal moment: Constant moment: Eternity within a constant instant moment.)

(The hologram holographic: Light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s) (past histories (t=+1) past light cones -->|<-- future histories (t=-1) future light cones . . . infinite in point density of pasts / futures / light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s). The infinite light hologram density -- infinities of histories -- that is at once an absolute vacuum.)

To be cont'd.... maybe!
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Ad #452, continued ("Brevity may be soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.), The search for dark matter and dark energy, or something, and an absolute, absolutely finite, boundary edge to time, ever continues out there:

SPACE: Fundamentally self-similar fractal (gravitational-antigravitational) 'zooms' to infinities universe structure (hyperspace / subspace structure) . . . reducing to "set and reset" (turnaround set and reset to fundamental base of 2 via strong binding force, plus trojan third in the horizon between the singular of "smooth chaos" universe and the many of "coarse grained chaos" universes).

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.

Velocity : the rate of change of position along a straight line with respect to time : the derivative of position with respect to time.

Derivative: mathematics : the limit of the ratio of a change in the function to the corresponding change in its independent variable as the latter variable approaches zero.

One use of velocity (simple): to get one something relative to another something zeroing the distance and difference in rate of change of positions, directions, and magnitudes. A path way out and in, up and down, for the achievement is the utilization of the fractal zooms structure of the universe. Accelerating contraction of an accelerating expansion of the universe // Accelerating expansion of an accelerating contraction of the universe.

Once more:
"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle,
'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
From #440 and #447, how about this from Brian Cox:

The important thing is that the third dimension is not necessary and need not even exist. The three dimensional space into which we imagine flatland to be embedded could be a hypothetical space (sometimes referred to as ‘hyperspace’).

Anyone disagree?

Cat :)
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Hypothetical "hyperspace" space? Yes, multi-dimensioned multiverse, to mean residing in/on countless magnitudes (accelerating expansion of an infinite potential -- discreet quantum / quanta -- already ever ultimately fulfilled as infinity) of levels of zoom gravity (antigravity) yet always reducing (strong binding force / Casimir force effect-like) to a fundamental base set and reset of 2 (infinite '0' (null unity) and/or finite *1* (unity) . . . plus trojan (1/2)).

Back to the spheres, the surface point-portals in/on them and the radius to intersecting 0-point-center of all points. Each and every single point-portal of the surface of the spheres its own intersecting 0-point-center of radius. There is no leaving the horizons of surfaces nor the mid-horizons when each is also the other (another "spooky action at a distance").
I disagree.

Why do we use 3D space for the concept of dimension, when space has no dimension at all. And then use this synthetic concept to describe mass and matter, and even light.

Why do we do that?

Lets use the dimension of matter to describe matter. I think matter is simple. So simple that the only dimension it has is.......length.

And I think that all matter comes in a fixed length.

When we slightly stretch matter's length, it will express it's absolute length. If we put a twist in that length, that absolute length will be replaced with a relative length, due to length misalignment, but the absolute length is still there.

Along with that relative length came area and density. We can decrease that relative length, and increase that area and adding more twist.

All from one dimension. Area and density from the twist of a length. Add a small tilt to all the points on a line in the right sequential pattern........and you get relative length. From 1D.

Let's add velocity to that length. If we reference the absolute length velocity at c, than a twist will shorten the length of that ratio of length over time, and give us a relative speed(slower speed) of c, without changing it's absolute velocity. Did you get the part about keeping it's absolute velocity? And it keeps the same duration of motion. Just by mis-aligning points and twisting the velocity.

Think about that.

If we close that length, into a rotation, only one complete 360 twist can be added to or subtracted from that closed structure. Integral turns. And this whole new rotational area, works inversely from the linear area. When we twist this structure, the area decreases with twist. The area now is the inside area of the rotation. The density still increases with twist. i.e...area down-density up. with added twist.

The more twist in the rotation, the faster the RPM of the rotation, because the relative length of circumference decreases. All of these rotations are NON-pi rotations. There can be many twist...per one....closed rotation.

These twists can modulate that one rotation many many times on each rotation........and gives it wobble. Every twist adds a wobble. The proton is much smaller, denser and has lots more wobble. And a much higher RPM. It will be much more fuzzy to study and measure. And work with.

If we give those lengths charge, the left handed twist will always want to unwind. To spring open. Always wanting to expand the ring. Stretch the turns. Giving low density. The right handed length has the opposite want and property. It wants to always contract the ring. It pinches turns. It springs closed. It holds it's turns and wants more turns. Giving high density. And fast RPM. Rpm increases density too.

Turns can be added with EM field induction thru the center, and can be subtracted with an inverse induction. Cooled and slowed down. And turns can be subtracted by emission also.

Light has to come from dipoles, not single particles. The dipole or a series of dipoles has a longer wavelength than particles. AND they can function like radio repeaters. A stream of UV or x-ray(invisible) can shine on a dipole......and the dipole will repeat that shine with a lower frequency light shine emission. A light that we can see.

We can invert these natural properties by accelerating these structures backwards. But it's a scarce temporary dynamic and gives us anti-matter. It corrects itself in short order. Anti-matter is just regular matter that has been temporarily inverted.

e dimension. All things come from e. A whole universe did.

Dimension comes from matter not space. Dimension is physical, not spacial mathematics.

Just saying.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
CM: "Why do we use 3D space for the concept of dimension, when space has no dimension at all. And then use this synthetic concept to describe mass and matter, and even light."

My position starts from the fact that our entire thinking and communication is wholly dependant on the "information" of whatever quality or validity provided by our senses, and then filtered through our identification of language. The map is not the territory = the menu is not the meal = the verbal description is not the reality.

If we did not have sensitivity to light = sight, and the intelligence, mediated by sight, we would have very little understanding of the Universe. We do not see the words (other than as writing) "electromagnetic radiation", which (as far as light is concerned) is a verbal description of an effect on our senses (here, sight). Thus all scientific theory and description/prediction is not very 'low level' (deep) enunciation (verbalisation) of "reality". Or, conversely, reality is only "understandable" or "verbalised" via the limited media of our senses and language.

"The menu is not the meal". Our perceptions and descriptions produce but a very limited identification of "reality". Reality is not defined by our perceptions and descriptions.

Cat :)
What we observe as the vacuum is in fact loaded to an infinite density -- thus invariantly dark, which is why the universe we observe just keeps on popping out of its smoothness elementally newborn coarse grain, among other grainy things always and eternally popping out of the future histories future light cone (aka the fabled "Horn of Plenty") more or less an incomplete, or complete, picture. The observed empty vacuum map is not the territory. Only ever 1/2 the territory.

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.
Infinite : Infinitesimal : Infinity : Infinities : Finite : Finites : Zero : Potential:

Do you get it?! If not, too bad.

To be cont'd forward and backward in space and time . . . maybe!
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Amazing but even I have a problem describing this clearly enough all too all often. But I try once more:

You will always exceed the constant of the speed of light, externally there, then, every time you split the universe in two or more universes as I've described doing so often. You will never exceed the constant of the speed of light locally on the spot, here, now, or ever observe (using any of the facets of light, or dealing in results of such usage, whatsoever) anything to exceed it . . . obviously! Thus, you will never observe the vast principal portion of universe (any of the reality of the increasingly localized universes (the accelerating expansion to evermore discreet quanta that are NOT past histories having terminus in the past light cone (light's coordinate point SPACETIME(t=+1)) immediate to your immediate vicinity of universe cosmopolis)).
QUESTION: What are other words and meanings of and for the realities and unrealities of "discreet quanta" and the "quantum" realm of the countless individual and group universes of an "Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe"?
ANSWER: A perfectly fine order of infinite "Complexity and Chaos."

"God does not play dice with the universe!" -- Albert Einstein.
"Yes, God does play dice with the universe, only (or but) they're loaded!" Stephen Hawking.
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1.) The Big Bang collapsed cosmological constant of 'Mirror Horizon' in superposition is the horizon "gateway" to the infinities of the infinite.

2.) The Planck collapsed cosmological constant of 'Mirror Horizon" in superposition is the horizon "gateway" to the infinities of the infinitesimal.

3.) The in-between "finite," wherever, whenever, whatever, local and relative portal, that separates (zero's) the two into two (+1, -1, *1*) is infinitely fractal variable in float / position (radius 1/2), direction and magnitude.

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Still have trouble understanding me?

Stephen Hawking imagined a "Grand Central Station of Universe" with a very funny clock hanging over the dead center point of the station under which whole universes traffic. Albert Einstein took his mind's eye trip into the very single-handed single-digit frozen clockwork of that very clock when he took his mind's trip to the speed of light.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, light never, ever, surpasses, centripetally, the center point-singularity of any universe (Hawking's GCS above). And light is always emitted, centrifugally, from every center point-singularity of any universe. Further, every single point of an infinity is its center point (point of centripetal-centrifugal force and focus).

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Playing with division by my own expanded fundamental binary base2's '0' and base '2':

1 / 0 = (+1 | -1) = ( +n | -n ) = ((+n) -->|('mirror')|<-- (-n)) = ((+n) -->|'0'|<-- (-n)). Cosmologically, the grand total of all mass matter and energy, positive and negative, equals (+/-) infinity and/or zero . . . plus trojan parity and/or NOT!

1 / 2 (base2, 0 and 1) = 1/2 (base2, 0 or 1). Parity and trojan . . . and/or NOT (vibratory (lots and lots of it / them center points, individually discreet points of centripetal / centrifugal force and infinite superpositions' float))!

Continuing on:
If you disregard (ignore) the local-relative temporal histories and just go for the pure physics strictly, the past is the future and the future is the past. The past (+) is now. The future (-) is now. Fundamentally, basic physics do not change basic quantum and classical makeup with changing temporal histories (+|-).

Light's coordinate point SPACETIME coming temporally unrealized from two equal but opposed directions:
(The lady was briefly observed by me to be more than ten feet from me behind me on the street (past histories' past light cone . . . light's coordinate point SPACETIME). Then all of a sudden, just that quick, she was right behind me tapping me on the shoulder (from out of nowhere having just sprung (just popped) out of future histories' future light cone (light's other and unobservable coordinate point SPACETIME) into an instantaneously spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier') with me . . . tapping me on the shoulder).
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Edited #465 above. Erred. Was not enough dimension . . . not enough breadth and depth . . . for my own satisfaction. All along in my posts in the "total" I've been advancing short the base alternate "and/or" grand total to total of zero . . . not including the trojan one (pardon the pun).
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"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- A. Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.

I'm here to tell the short version that history, thus time, always repeats in its large aspect though rarely if ever in localized relative fine detail, per lifelong student me, per pro-historian Will Durant, per pro-historian Newt Gingrich, and on and on, and on.

Time travel and paralleling universes in SPACETIME are as close to us as classical and quantum physics . . . as close to us as next door in paralleling similar (fractal self-similar though never exactly so) planets, star systems, galaxies, life, thus other and unobserved (though locally observable . . . strictly relative) universes!

If and when we break out into all that infinity of discreet quanta beyond our local quantum of SPACETIME, we will discover our science-fictions, like Star Wars and much more, to have been prophecies of the infinitely vast diversity of what is out there, thus we will have time traveled. We will discover new Earths just forming, thus we will have time traveled. We will discover planets of dinosaur descendants, including evolved intelligent dinosaurs, that were never made extinct by any asteroid strike. We will discover planets of humanoid beings just entering, and/or just leaving, the Stone Age. Somewhere out there in our time traveling through the vastness of paralleling (local-relative) observable universes, we will discover all ages of universe existence from just forming in reforming all the way to just ending bound for reformation. The whole gamut of universe's physics, cosmology, space and time, being out there, all at the same time (all at once). History, thus time, always repeating in its large aspect though rarely if ever in localized relative very fine details.

From the time we break out, if we break out, we will be time traveling paralleling locally relative (discreet quanta) horizon universes . . . locally "observable" universes; a more or less "Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe" 'complexity' and 'chaos' of such.
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"History, thus time, always repeating in its large aspect though rarely if ever in localized relative very fine details," But as Chaos Theory points out in the "smoothest" collapsed cosmological constant Planck/Big Bang 'Mirror Horizon' level layer singularity (versus the infinities of coarse grainy chunky level layers (hyperspatial)) -- the superposition apex point and base of the pyramid of change, the bedrock primal "constant" is, has ever been, and will ever be, the sole exception to the rule that the only "'constant' is change." It is a time that resides outside time (Hawking's clock at the center of the "Grand Central Station of the Universe"). Many physicists call that [timelessly eternal changeless exception constant of time] the "Nowhereland" and "Nothingness" to the outside beyond the local relative finite of the "observable universe."

"Brevity is the soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.
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Not going to happen once you understand what negative energy (dark energy) is and that gravity is the negative energy of accelerating expansion, not anything like accelerating contraction which is a matter of quantum fields theory, forced positive energies, on a macrocosmic scale.

A result of fractal zooms universe structure, gravity's hyperspace field, is that you will always walk, ride, fall, drive, into an accelerating expansion of opening universe ahead of you, never a closing universe crushing every atom in you into a quantum point . . . that is, unless you happen into a squash master quantum field of a micro- or macro-cosmic particle accelerator or run into quantum field barrier like a wall or the many surfaces (plural) of the Earth.

I've begun to realize many things blamed on gravity, credited to gravity, or just thought about gravity, never belonged to gravity in the first place. Which is why that even with Einstein and the seemingly truism, accepted, of General Relativity and certain other theories, gravity escapes every attempt at pinning it down to an exact definition of its reality ("strictly logical conclusions, such as madmen are liable to arrive at after starting from radically wrong premises!" -- paraphrasing Helmuth von Moltke in another context but very applicable here).
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To what I've already said about time traveling SPACE, when we begin shrinking the local distances of the more local, more relative, universes, we will discover we are looking from distances in light years upon the same Sol that all Mankind has looked upon up close (eight minutes close) for all the ages Mankind has existed.

I've covered this ground before, but here it is again. If we were already fast travelers shrinking, manipulating, the distances of the Milky Way's softness of SPACE (there is no softness of REALTIME or even of SPACETIME except as it relates to manipulating SPACE) in virtually no time flat, at one light year from Earth the traveler would observe the same Sol the Earth observer observed one year before. At four light years, four years. At ten, ten. At two-thousand and sixty-eight light years the traveler would be observing the same Sol, thus effectively the same time in that observation, as the Romans were observing -- same sun, same time --soon after the assassination of Julius Caesar. If the traveler were going by a standard of Earth's star time observed from wherever they were in the galaxy two-thousand and sixty-eight light years out, they would have time traveled back in time to 44BCE. Same sun observed, same time observed!

If those travelers traveled back to the Earth in two weeks by their ship's clock they would observe, per the past histories past light cone, that they had time traveled fast forward two-thousand and sixty-eight years, and two weeks, in two weeks of travel time and aging per their on board ship's clock.

You don't think it should be premised that way? Those who think REALTIME fast travelers will do slow time have their points of origin times all backwards. Their departure points of origin time, being varying histories, as observed from their destinations! and not their immediate vicinity (observing varying destinations as varying histories to be fast forwarded by travelers to be reached at all)! are the starting line of the universe. Remember Stephen Hawking's "Grand Central Station of the Universe" with that time frozen clock he had hanging over the center of the station under which all of the Universe passed and repassed, and repassed, and..; the same frozen time as Einstein found when he took his mind's eye trip to the speed of light?
The light of the total chaos of background universe is so fantastically luminously lit it ascends and descends into darkness! The darkness of too much light . . . too much accumulation of chaos . . . thus an infinity of point-horizon universes, an "Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe," and the collapsed cosmological constant (/\) of Planck/Big Bang 'Mirror Horizon' . . . altogether the same nonlocal, nonrelative, background in superposition!

Illustrations of the "observable universe," illustrated in the "past histories past light cone," light the infinitely light filled background so little, so finitely, as if the infinite density of light information therein wasn't in fact dark!

I wanted to copy the above here because there is more in continuance from #468 and #471 above in the cauldron vortex of the mind's eye that I'm thinking about adding to the engine of discreet quanta. Maybe more.
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What irks me the most about microcosmic physics' "discreet quanta," and macrocosmic cosmology's "observable universe," is that they are in actuality one and the same cosmic entity.

to use the same travel and travelers above, if planet Earth and planet X are two-thousand and sixty-eight light years' apart they are in different discreet quanta "observable universes." Objectively they are in the same instantaneously spontaneous concurrent REALTIME but subjectively, relatively speaking, they are not in the same observable universes.

Planet Earth sits at 2024OCE but observes planet X to sit at 44BCE. Planet X sits at 2024OCE but observes planet Earth to sit at 44BCE.

Plant Earth traveler's current Earth-light upon the traveler's departure from Earth for planet X will be observed at planet X in the year 4092OCE. The traveler takes two weeks to reach planet X, having traversed a time zone of 2068 light years (thus two-thousand and sixty-eight years and 2 weeks observed) in two weeks per his ship's clock which will be confirmed upon his return to Earth but not before. The light of Earth's star and of Earth for the day of the traveler's departure from Earth, will be witnessed upon X in the year 4092OCE. The traveler looks upon Earth's sun and the Earth in the distance to be the sun and the Earth of the same year, 44BCE, Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome, the same time period the Earth observer is observing for planet X. It will be another 2068 years before the traveler's star and planet X that he found upon his arrival after two weeks of travel, will be observed from Earth. The Earth observer, even if he was long lived, would not witness the arrival day at star and planet X until 4092OCE.

The traveler that might be observed from Earth (circa 4092OCE Earth) to arrive to planet X circa 2024OCE then observed for planet X from Earth 4092OCE would appear to the Earth observer of 4092OCE to have aged slowly in the extreme of slow. Just aging two weeks in two-thousand and sixty-eight years and two weeks. His ship's clock virtually stopping, comparatively speaking. Not quite making it -- travelers never to quite make it -- to Stephen Hawking's frozen clock time over his "Grand Central Station of the Universe." Or the same 'GCS' time observed by Albert Einstein at the speed of light during his mind's eye trip to it.

As many times as I've pointed it out, described it, or will point it out and describe it, few if any people will understand what I mean when as above I say, "Travelers never to quite make it" even if they were to travel infinitely fast, or even through a wormhole tunnel or a stargate, from point A to point B. The traveler above could have taken just four weeks of travel time round trip, and at and on Earth after returning be confirmed in that travel time and aging just four weeks, while never getting closer to the speed of light than consistently measuring it aboard his ship, and arriving to his ship from front and rear, to be 300,000kps. There is a cosmic distance to constant of acceleration malfunction on Earth and in the physics' classrooms. One could call it a "dark energy" malfunction . . . or a "fractal zooms hyperspace" malfunction. Or just a malfunction of the mind in thinking and believing that space is hard while time is soft (It is just the reverse). Or a malfunction of the mind in thinking and believing that the "observable universe" is all there is . . . or even real.
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I have to thank 'Rod Mack' for returning this from Paul Sutter to the current 'Article Commentary':

I don't see or think of it as "emergent gravity" but as emergent SPACE . . . the "open system" (as opposed to the closed and/or closing system) opening in accelerating expansion before travelers, to travelers, and to Isaac Newton's falling apples (falling into the universe's open/opening system before striking some quantum physics barrier).


There is no such thing as faster than light travel, yet there is such a thing as faster than light travel when you are dealing in the breakdown and buildup of relativity! Such a thing as a Schrodinger function in operation (an "is" and "isn't" at the same time dependent upon environment of circumstances, including that being alluded to above as emergent SPACE (hyperspace), an accelerating expansion (fractal zoom) to universe's open systemic structure.

Darn it, I'm being summoned away, insistently!
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(From a closed or closing system, a logician could infer the possibility of an open or opening system (accelerating expanse) -- and its energy of force -- without having seen or heard ....)

The dark negative energy of gravity doesn't close the system to any point end as we discover when we move, walk, ride, drive, and just fall into accelerating expanses of the open system of the universe, an accelerating expansion in opening system. An "emergent SPACE" unless and until striking some quantum barrier to eternal continuance into the infinities of an opening system.

So, what does deal in closed systemic point-singularity's monopole moments? The fifth fundamental force, the electroweak force . . . which also happens to be closely akin in force to something like a quantum gravitational force (quantum gravity).

Gravitational physics = open and opening systemic in accelerating expansion.

Quantum physics = closed and closing systemic to light's crossroads' coordinate point quantum point-singularity (particle-wave) . . . to quantum point-singularities (particle-waves).

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.
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