From a drop of water....

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I've done a little tweaking:

Whew! I really got into light's coordinate point SPACETIME histories past and future light cones : "instantaneous spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier')" : and gravitationally "emergent SPACE" (open system and opening systemic accelerating expanse) (hyperspace) (self-similar dual-level fractal zooms universe structure, strong (nuclear) binding force / Casimir force and effect-like 'set and reset'") (warp space) (wormholes) (stargates and galactic gates . . . local-relative universe gates . . . breakdowns and buildups of relativity (local-relative "observable universes")) ("Through the Looking Glass') (....).
I woke up in the middle of my night with my eyes hardly working realizing I could very possibly simply illustrate from center 0-point rest to the collapsed cosmological constant of P/BB 'Mirror (Event) Horizon' of all an infinity of horizon universes, also known (by me) as the "Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe." So here goes:

((-300,000kps)<-- infinity -->|0|<-- infinity -->(+300,000kps))

Done. Back to bed and sleep perhaps to dream of other things.
Ad#477 plus other posts:

The illustration in the article it illustrates, plus the graphics illustrating a supposed faster than light travel from such movies as Star Wars and Star Trek, will never be what actual travelers will observe because light's coordinate point-singularities of SPACETIME will shatter the past histories of the past light cone into more sharply defined coordinate points of later SPACETIMEs future history eras emerging from out of the vacuum (from out of nowhere), from the future light cone . . . not stretch like rubber bands of light. The past histories of the past light cone evaporating, disappearing, disintegrating, instantaneously -- the switch turning from on to off: The universe observably reversing the observed flow of time, instantaneously, the traveler is passing and has passed -- as travelers pass each point of light's coordinate point-singularity of crossing (of crossroads crossing)!

We observe our own planets doing some such act of instant reversal, momentarily going in reverse in their cases, when they pass certain points in passing the Earth in orbits. Space and time travelers through the universe would observe countless acts of instantaneous appearances of future histories from out of the vacuum (from out of nowhere) and, at once, acts of instant time reversal . . . and those apparent time reversals NOT being just momentary (light will come out from the vacuum (from out of nowhere) to the rear at 300,000kps per second (sic) . . . the coordinate point SPACETIME is descending in histories in the past light cone, the light is ascending future histories to the traveler's center point of universe (processionary / recessionary horizon reset center point of 'Mirror Horizon's sphere)).
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"The grand total of mass matter and energy equals zero."

For all quantum physical matter and energy there exists a mirrored equal negative and/or anti. readily observable or not . . . and outside the quantum physical realm in superposition to it (to mean our position), a trojan; a trojan holo-stereo physics! All told, a multiverse universe.
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The speed of light is superposition (+/-)300,000kps . . . and '0'! Not or '0'! And '0'! Tell Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking they were liars when each said '0' and described in their different ways why and how '0'.

I, myself, have one other dimensional description, "Mirror." Well, two actually; "Horizon."
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"Brevity may be the soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

SPACE is "emergent", thus:

1.) Physicists have had gravity a**backwards since Newton. Newton's apple did not fall because of any gravity force to a contracting, closing, quantum physics' closed system; to a quantum point-particle-wave-singularity. Obviously, visually and all otherwise obvious to the extreme of obvious, that apple was falling toward an accelerating (open system) opening, an accelerating expansion of system, an emergent SPACE! and was interrupted in falling out into the universe at large by drawn to and striking an interrupting quantum physics barrier-point, the mass quantum-matter of the Earth in-SPACE.

2.) Gravity is the force and energy of the 'infinite' open, the opening, system (accelerating expansion) (emergent SPACE) (hyperspace, including the straight and straighter (sic) line-corridors of wormhole tunneling) (fractal 'zooms' structure of universe). Mainly, though, describing "emergent gravity" ("emergent SPACE!").

3.) Quantum physics (the physics of point-particle-wave-singularity and singularities . . . up to and including asteroids, planets, stars, star systems, star clusters, galaxies, galaxy clusters.... 'local-relative finite' discreet quanta!) is the physics of contraction, compaction, closed and closing system to points (such as light's coordinate points of SPACETIME past histories past light cone and/or future histories future light cone).
Continuing the above start #485 in answering concerning the possible existence of faster than the speed of light tachyons, my answer to that supposition is that with everything I've proffered lately concerning emergent SPACE, light's coordinate points SPACETIME past histories past light cone and future histories future light, and instantaneous spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier'), the very idea of faster than the speed of light tachyons and tachyon universe becomes unnecessarily redundant and superfluous. Superfluous regardless of anything I, too, have said about the possible existence of tachyons.

Looking at how the observable universe of past light cone past histories relates to the unobservable universe of the future light cone's future histories, as I've written already more than a few times, the relationship tells us as travelers and observers that we stand always at both the beginning of time (departures) and end of time (arrivals) in Stephen Hawking's "Grand Central Station of Universe." I, of course, have realized the two at once as a form of "spooky at a distance" entangled "instantaneous spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier')."

We see our destinations to be in the past histories past light while we travelers exist here and now in the future histories future light cone relative to them. Most of us excepting a very, very, few do not realize the existence of the mirror reverse picture of our departure points being seen (without the traveler having existence in that picture) from the point of view of destinations to exist in the past histories past light cone (again without the traveler having any existence in that picture) while they exist in the future histories future light cone.

I take it right now that most people, including most physicists, will not see the multi-dimensional "multiverse" line of time travel, from beginning of time (departures) to end of time (arrivals), I present without exception! for all travelers (regarding spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier') traveling through light's coordinate points SPACETIME histories). With travelers always traveling those cosmic starting point and ending point historical "timelines" in spaces and times, no "tachyon" need ever exist, much less apply!
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Concerning parallel universe bubble spaces and times in space and time. It's quite possible the observed universe's positions and velocities, directions and magnitudes and timelines observed from any point, including the Earth, doesn't so rigidly fit universe reality. That bell shaped cone of space and time always on display in most articles as the definitive history and [oh-so-well-fitted-piece-puzzle] of the universe may be the most unreal picture possible of a reality of complexity and chaos in breakdowns of relativity.

Few people, I've discovered, can really understand what a 2-dimensional 'Sierpinski Carpet' of universe and/or a 3-dimensional 'Menger Sponge' of universe really means for universe surface and volume and placements.
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Good artists using a 0-dimensional point and 1-dimensional lines upon a 2-dimensional canvas can present a 4-dimensional image embedded into that 2-dimensional canvas. Traveling (tunneling) into such a quantum entangling 2-d flat-4-d landscape of universe could end up being an almighty fast (curve-less line-straight) travel.

The straightest line of all between any two points in the universe is the hyperspace tunnel "Through the Looking Glass."
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Apr 23, 2024
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"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.

From just thinking about the (high energy) microcosmic micro-verse of (high energy) Quantum Mechanics a logician could infer the probability of a (High energy) macrocosmic macro-verse of (high energy) Quantum Mechanics without ever having observed one or the other.

At both ends of relativity (of observed / observable universe) in the breakdown of relativity (of the observed / observable universe) down and in, and up and out, is the (cumbersome but necessary) Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant (/\)) Horizon. At once the Infinite Multiverse Universe. Again, at both ends always, all at once, the same PBB(B)H (cc (/\) Horizon, the same IMU. The elementary constituency in the set, and the set in each and all of the constituent elements of the set.

You aren't going to get rid of the Big Bang Horizon because you aren't going to get rid of the Planck Horizon. They are one Horizon, the same Horizon. We have universe domicile within the supreme Black Hole Gravitational (G) Horizon, again one Horizon, the same Horizon. It is at once the Horizon of Infinite Multiverse Universe of infinities of universes (of infinities of universe horizons). The aggregate ends up being a micro / macro quantum mechanical soup that includes gravity and a fifth force, push gravity (thus inertialess space) out of the blend -- to vacuum and high energy physics-- of infinities of hub-centers of gravity (g=x) and the infinite set (G) of them all in the PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) Horizon (G).

Thus, in reverse: From just thinking about the (high energy) macrocosmic macro-verse of (high energy) Quantum Mechanics a logician could infer the probability of a (high energy) microcosmic micro-verse of (high energy) Quantum Mechanics without ever having observed one or the other.
Is this piffle a joke or just piffle?
Someone said long ago that the most difficult things to describe are so very difficult to describe in any language, including the language of mathematics. I've been a long time and many posts so far working on describing "infinity."

The short version, well not so short, of describing it is that it is in the finite parameters used to indicate "potential." Parameters such as light's coordinate points SPACETIME past histories (+1) light cone and/or future histories (-1) future light cone. If a traveler kept traveling forever that traveler would keep on acquiring universe universe building relativity from out of the collapsed cosmological constant (/\) P/BB 'Mirror Horizon' and future histories future light cone, while losing universe to the rear in time reversal to exactly the same 'Horizon' in the past histories past light cone. An infinite finite of time universe, so to speak. The traveler at the beginning of time (-1) . . . and at the end of time (+1):

The gridlines! THE GRIDLINES! Never endingly flowing!

Or, "instantaneous spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier')." Centered always ('0'-point).

Or, "emergent SPACE" (which I realized recently from Paul Sutter's recent words, "emergent gravity"). "Emergent SPACE" can take in the whole multi-dimensional multiverse of SPACE, as can self-similar fractal zooms (hyperspace) universe structure, set and reset.

What percentage of infinity are planets? What percentage of infinity are stars? Are galaxies? Are particles? Are black holes? What percentage of infinity is matter? One-third (33%)? One third (33%) is then an infinite finite, an infinity of universe, or universes, all of them being one third (33%) matter, except the anti-matter universes which are then one third (33%) anti-matter (the total then of matter and energy equaling '0' . . . infinities (+/-) altogether totaling, equaling. trojan neutral '0'?)).
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Ad #491:
One third of an accelerating expansion (+) (-) to infinity is accelerating expansion of matter (from out of the vacuum) . . . and antimatter (from out of the vacuum)! Matter planets, matter stars, matter galaxies.... Matter in universe, and antimatter in anti-universe (whatever)! An infinite finite (+1/-1/*1*) realm . . . all told totaling, equaling, '0' in matter and energy!
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If you care to, read and think about posts #491-#492, then go back and read and think about post #465 . . . each in the other's context.

Also, I'm wondering if this will work instead of duplicating an entire post (post #35) from another thread (as I've done so often)?:

Hmmm! It worked! I'll try to remember in the future to do this when I want what I wrote to go (to belong) in two places at once to save the site more space. Sort of a quantum entanglement of points and placement, don't you know!
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I read again how slow would be travel between points of the universe because of the constant of the speed of light.

Grrr! Always having to fight, and, yes, wanting to fight, the same fight over and over again!

One day, if mankind manages to tear down the Iron Curtain of Utopia and get off the Earth in Exodus from slavery to the Commune Earth, it will travel light years between points of the universe in as little as weeks or days between the same points. Space off the more or less rigidly fixed ground surface of the Earth is not rigid, so space between points off the surface of the Earth isn't rigid either, therefore time between points won't be rigid. Lights long stretched out accordion-like corridors can be folded, accelerated, manipulated into smaller spaces between folds to be traveled and therefore less time used in travel than light uses between points.

Travelers travel head on into light-time (distance-time). They're always . . . I repeat always . . . fast-forwarding a holographic photo-frame film. Head on in a vacuum of light, the traveler is space and time traveling a space and time where the speed of light doesn't matter because it doesn't even exist regarding motion! Only the directions and magnitudes of space and time exist!
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"Head on in a vacuum of light, the traveler is space and time traveling a space and time where the speed of light doesn't matter because it doesn't even exist regarding motion! Only the directions and magnitudes of space and time exist!"

Always dead centered in horizons of the universe between constant distant horizons, light-time, thus time, will round the soliton wave of the traveler as a hemispherical partial orbit of the traveler and the traveler will observe that time as recession in its passing him by . . . a receding into the past histories past light cone! The soliton wave traveler gets into his observed "observable universe" at each point of his travel through the universe, the "observable universe" at and from that 0-point center of the universe, point to point, to point, to point (horizon's center to horizon's center, to horizon's center, to horizon's center . . . fractal set to fractal set . . . hyperspace to....)! "Where the speed of light doesn't matter because it doesn't even exist regarding motion!" -- The mind's eye visions of Einstein and Hawking apply as I, too, see them to apply.
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A 'partial' of mine taken from another thread I was answering to but a repeater I should put here:

There is more than one dimension to the universe of time (geometrically, three minimum). And that minimally geometric triangle of points expands and contracts triangulations . . . and light from any one point reflects one 1-dimensional line only! It doesn't reflect the geometry of the triangle (the triangulation) of an expanding or contracting triangle of coordinate SPACETIME past and REALTIME present (SPACETIME future) points. It does so at the largest scale of universes as an accelerating expansion, or conversely an accelerating contraction, in and of observable and unobservable universes altogether! The accelerating expansion is a matter of distance gain in triangularity between the single line of observed-observable universe relativity and the two lines of the unobserved-unobservable universe reality of the triangle of lines and points.... The unobserved-unobservable universe reality that includes the dark (physical) matter of the universe (darkly), and not the hologram matter of the "observable universe"!

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today...." From 'Antigonish', by Hughes Mearns.
Geez, I just realized something! All physical matter is in fact "dark matter" (however close or distantly far) behind the lit mask of "hologram matter." "The map is not the territory!"
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'Quo Vadis' (where do you go)? I hardly know where to go from here, now:
"The endless and numberless avenues of bewildering pine woods gave him a queer feeling that he was driving through the countless corridors of a dream." -- G. K. Chesterton


"Relativity predicts it's own breakdown!"

"Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe"!

"Collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Planck/Big Bang 'Mirror Horizon' of infinities of horizon universes ("Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe").

With all distance gaining up and out, down and in, gain of "Complexity and Chaos" (thus "Entropy" whether positive or negative).

"Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe" equals to, translates to, reduces to, 'QM-Verse' --> 'M-Verse' --> 'Q-Verse'.

Fundamental Binary Base2 (Infinite '0' (null unity) and/or finite '1' (+1, -1, *1* (unity)) . . . plus parity trojan.

"Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe" equals to, translates to, reduces to, 'QM-Verse' --> 'M-Verse' (including in 'M's 'multi-dimensionality', 'membrane', and 'mirror symmetry') --> E-Verse (Entangling Verse (Spooky actions at any kind of distance Verse)) -->'Q-(Quantum, quanta, qubit, quasi, quick (qwik (sic)), queer (weird), ....)-Verse'.

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.

(Inevitably fractal)

"The endless and numberless avenues of bewildering pine woods gave him a queer feeling that he was driving through the countless corridors of a dream." -- G. K. Chesterton
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I repeat, when Newton's apple broke loose from the tree it began its fall toward and into the "accelerating expansion" (the opening system) of the universe (only to be interrupted in its gravitational entrance into the open system of and as "emergent SPACE" by a barrier of 'Quantum Mechanics'!

Discovering what antigravity actual is, discover that gravity isn't any closed systemic contraction to closure of anything, much less universe! Those closed systemic physics (equal but oppositely opposed to open systemic physics . . . gravity's physics) are quantum physics!
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To borrow from the quote from G. K. Chesterton above in post #498:

The traveler travels through the countless corridors of light's time . . . following and unraveling the countless crossings of histories, the countless crossings of light's packet-frame streams, of the universe.