From iron rain on exoplanets to lightning on Jupiter: four examples of alien weather

Interesting report. Here is a report on axis tilt and oxygen concerning exoplanets.

My observation. Some comments I feel are important in the report. "Planets which are tilted on their axis, like Earth, are more capable of evolving complex life."

My note. When it comes to exoplanets said to exist in their host star habitable zone, is there well measured axis tilts obtained? "However, for more advanced life, other factors are also important, particularly atmospheric oxygen." For the exoplanets, what about oxygen content compared to Earth's? "Studies of Earth teach us that oxygen may be one of our most important biosignatures in the search for life on distant exoplanets."

My note. The assumption of abiogenesis working throughout the galaxy and universe creating life, advance life too from an evolutionary process, remains to be tested and confirmed.

Presently there are more than 1300 exoplanets confirmed now with radii <= 2 earth radii size and with very short orbital periods too. Axis tilt and oxygen content in the exoplanet atmospheres may play a critical role now when it comes to life in the galaxy and complex biological life as the report indicates. The sites listed below show the exoplanets, those with radii <=2 earth size average about 13 day orbital periods too. TRAPPIST-1 system is a member of this criteria as an example.

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