'Frozen in place' fossils reveal dinosaur-killing asteroid struck in spring


Oct 22, 2019
Amazing dating accuracy here :) It is very difficult in archaeology to date a site (Tanis site in this report) to a specific year and season, say 3,000 or 4,000 years old, let alone 66 million years old. I note the article mentions the type of fish used in the study. "During excavated Cretaceous fish at Tanis in August 2017, spending two weeks digging out fossils of paddlefish and sturgeons. Fish skeletons — even after fossilizing — retain records of an animal's growth, which depends on seasonal food availability."

What I did not see reported by space.com, is that paddlefish and sturgeons are swimming around today on Earth :)

https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/one-of-the-worst-days-in-the-history-of-life-on-earth-happened-in-the-spring, "Dinosaurs - aside from their bird descendants - went extinct, as did major marine groups, including the carnivorous reptiles that dominated the seas. Among the survivors were paddlefishes and sturgeons, which survive to this day."

Perhaps someday, a complete database showing all here will be open to the public, listing all the animals and plants that perished, and all the survivors too that are moving around on the planet even today (and thus a lack of evolutionary transformation in biology considering the 66 million year old date used).
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