Gas giant exoplanet with weirdly long orbit may bear clues about our solar system


Oct 22, 2019
The article stated, "The research team at the University of California, Riverside discovered that the planet, officially named Kepler-1514b after its parent star, has an unusually long orbit of 218 days."

I had to look up some more information on this exoplanet,

The host star is some 1.2 or 1.21 solar masses and exoplanet 5.28 Jupiter masses. This exoplanet orbits about 0.75 au from the host star (similar to Venus position in our solar system but much more eccentric orbit). As observations continue, other *odd ball* giant exoplanets show up like DH Tau b,

Using the arXiv paper, on page 4, "Table 1: Properties of the companions of our sample." indicates DH Tau b could be 15 Mjup +7/-4 and 134.8 pc distance. The arcsecond separation from the host star is 2.3" and at 134.8 pc, that is 310.04 au separation. I used this data and host star about 0.35 Msun, easy model eccentricity = 0, the orbital period ~ 9043 years for DH Tau b.

Cleary our solar system does not have giant planets like these documented. The origin of the giant exoplanets, some closer to the host stars, others much farther away and very different masses for the host stars shows our solar system is not the norm :)
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