Giant 'rogue waves' of invisible matter might be disrupting the orbits of stars, new study hints

Do you know what is amazing? When the naked electrons and protons leave the sun, their acceleration is just beginning. No one knows where it ends or how fast they travel when it's over. What a super demonstration of an anti gravity acceleration. This should be the talk of the town.

What has happened over the eons of this action? This acceleration nullifies electrical interaction. It will not allow electrical and self inertia alignment for bonding. No tilting or flipping can be done under it. Frozen misalignment. Frozen with velocity.

Interesting concept of WIMP. I have a candidate. A dipole. The notorious H1 atom. Only this dipole is a high velocity dipole. With a different spectrum and behavior than that of our "normal" dipoles. Atomic dipoles.

The mass and the spin rates of these dipoles will produce a different spectrum, with a much higher Q. A much more filtered and selective response. This unit should be very weak electrically, weak(skinny) in interaction, not energy.

The energy and the mass will be a little higher than normal. It will have G, but the high velocity will keep G rarefied.......not collective. Hard to interact with, invisible, and hard to detect. One would probably need a hard long duration gamma to detect such. But it might have fuzz G.

But we would have to invent a new dynamic with this solution too.

By what method do these particles go thru, to let the electric overcome the velocity alignment? For to bond?

Unless one slides inside the other to produce neutrons. Very fast and dangerous neutrons. Do these neutrons decay? Could we detect single decays at a distance? Could we detect single bonding at a distance? Background static? A changing neutron flux dynamic. Questions. Questions.

It's all very mysterious. I like it.

What ever is going on, there is a lot of charge out there. Somewhere.

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