Goodbye infinity and all that infinite singularity and infinite density descriptions

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
No. We get to define “parallel” as lines that includes by implication no intersection.

Calculus easily solves Zeno’s paradox. There is no chance a hare or turtle will not cross the finish line by arguing its distance only approaches it fractionally. Calculus serves to support your argument to dump an infinite series when we already have the answer seen in the asymptote.

Agreed. But we need only understand the context for each use of “infinite”.

Context is not always clear.
For example, on hearing:

Salisbury Plain accident
Salisbury plane accident.

For those unfamiliar with UK, Salisbury Plain is a geographical area.

The former refers to an accident on Salisbury Plain (could be auto)
The latter refers to an aeroplane accident near Salisbury.

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Jan 2, 2024
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M, don't make too much of the BBT thing. I think that there is an infinite (OOOps) difference between BBT and t = 0. That interceding difference - reported as getting closer and closer to trillionths (or smaller) of a second is, in my opinion, due to the approaching infinitely (OOOps) large difference caused by division by zero.

My guess is that these tiny time spans are entirely due to the vast temperatures (reported elsewhere). Inordinately high temperatures 10^32 K obviously require exceedingly rapid cooling.

Cat :)
Infinite but bounded. It might be out of my depth but for example, you can have the ability to circumnavigate Earth forever but be bounded by the sphere. At t=0 there is no prior time but this is just a 4D time boundary to our 3D world. If time is a process then there are likely processes in 4/5+ dimensions that provide a prior cause to BB without the requirement for an infinity.
This would not exclude a cyclic universe nor does it require one.

Within Spacetime there is no beginning or 'before' with which to apply Relativity. The idea that the time after BB can be divided infinitely is probably wrong.

But then, infinite circumnavigation of the Earth would require an infinite amount of time; this would also require a boundary. Turtles upon turtles again

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