Gravitational wave 'memories' could help us find elusive cosmic strings

The article states, "Many theories of the early universe predict that cosmic strings should be ubiquitous. Indeed, cosmologists once thought the strings would be so common that they would form the skeletons of the largest structures in the cosmos. But survey after survey has turned up nothing — no double images of distant galaxies, no flashes of radiation when the loops vibrate themselves to death. So a new paper recently posted to the preprint database suggests a new approach: Instead of looking for direct signs of cosmic strings, we should search for indirect signs, like the imprint they leave on space-time itself."

Interesting search method and string theory in cosmology. This article discussed the multiverse in a 21:47 minute video, string theory plays a critical role here apparently. No strings, no multiverse it would seem.

Black holes, aliens, multiverse & Mars: Space TED talks you need to watch,

Apparently cosmic strings are needed to explain the origin of the multiverse with 10^500 different universes and many or all universes with very different values for dark energy and constants :) Indeed, cosmology before the origin of the CMBR is getting very interesting :)

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