Green Lantern's elite production crew

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Wow....they're going full bore, and if they hire a top notch effects crew this looks to be one helluva flick....

EDIT: recent hires that answer the last question in the article....

Clay Pinney as the special effects supervisor; Pinney has won 2 special effects Oscars - Independence Day and Backdraft and his crew did the effects for Star Trek, Angels & Demons, The Cell, Godzilla and a ton of other flicks.

Alex Bicknell as the visual effects producer; The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Troy, Event Horizon, a couple of Bond films and the coming live action Jungle Book.

Karen E. Goulekas as visual effects supervisor; Apollo 13, Fifth Element, Spider-Man, True Lies, Strange Days, Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla.



Green Lantern's Oscar-Winning Crew\

The lack of casting on Martin Campbell's Green Lantern movie this late in the game is somewhat worrying, since they already have a June 17, 2011 release date and the only name confirmed has been Ryan Reynolds in the title role (and that took a long time to be confirmed). Either way, Campbell knows what he's doing and he's been silently pulling together an amazing team in preparation to start shooting in New Orleans next year.

The first movie to be made under Warner Bros.' new DC Entertainment umbrella will be shot by cinematographer Dion Beebe, who won an Oscar for his work with Rob Marshall on Memoirs of a Geisha (having previously been nominated for Chicago). Even more exciting than that is who Campbell hired to help create the look and vision of the movie, production designer Grant Major and costume designer Ngila Dickson, both of whom won Oscars for their work on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Major also fulfilled the same capacity on Jackson's remake of King Kong.

Art director François Audouy may not have won any Oscars, but his resume working in genre movies is impressive, everything from doing concept art for James Cameron's Avatar and I Am Legend, acting as art director for Watchmen and the first Transformers movie, and working in various art capacities on all three Spider-Man movies.

Hopefully, we'll be able to find out soon who will be handling the FX duties on the movie, as they'll probably have the most difficult task realizing all of the green light constructs, but more importantly, here's hoping there will be some final casting confirmations in the New Year.
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