Hope nothing interrupts Landsat Program

Feb 14, 2020
I was among the team Members at Willow Run Labs U of MI to study and configure spectral bands for ERTS1 (Visible and near IR) and 2 (with thermal IR band). My team members provided atmospheric models for corrections to band image-data using S. Chandrasekhar's radiative transfer calcultaions.

From 1972, when I walked on computer printed sheets to study himalays, first India coverage digitally, to date when we can view images on line and make enhancements, probably the global economic value of Landsat Info is worth trillions of dollars.

This one program combined with Terra, Aqua and Chem satellites from Goddard EOS program are the most valuable historic records (>petabytes) of how we are using and reeusing earth resources and managing atmosphere.

I received Apollo Achievement Award in 1969 for putting experiments on Lunar missions.

Final point, We hope and pray for vision for continuing uninterrupted programs where backward data can be integrated for change detection and environmental Qs answered.

Let us hope they do not lose wisdom like they did for Fusion, Fuel Cells and human space flight program leaving us behind other progressive advances in Europe, China and elsewhere!