How 2 quasars at the dawn of time could be a Rosetta stone for the early universe

Aug 20, 2023
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The BIG BANG was an "event" [if it even happened at all] and to think there was nothing before this "event" is one-sided and dim witted at best. [not name calling, open your eyes].... Just because we can only "see" so far out into the abyss, doesn't mean the "universe" just 'ends'. There is no end. It goes on FOREVER. And those "galaxies" your looking at, are actually atoms for the "bigger" portion of the fractal universe we are all part of. The "largest parts" have yet to be found. There is/was no god(s) creating anything. One dawn, the unknown shall be known. At (20) inventions per second per second (20i/s/s), [I did not stutter], racing away from a "point", while also racing towards none. Beware the singularity.
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