How could life survive on tidally locked planets?

Oct 19, 2023
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The prospect of living on such a world strikes me as depressing. Doesn't the midnight sun and the polar night mess with people's heads at high latitudes?

The exo-moons of these planets strike me as far better prospects, assuming that the settlers don't get fried or asphyxiated anyway when Mr Red Dwarf decides to flare.
Because of the star's proximity, the atmosphere of such a planet is probably pretty much gone. The day side of the planet would heat any remaining air which would rise and rush towards the night side. There would be a high altitude jet ringing the planet and going to the night side. There, the dark sky would cool the gas, it would descend and then there would be a low altitude jet ringing the planet moving back towards the day side. At mid level altitude, there would be a zone of enormous shear. This would cause huge vortices. Such tornados only go to prove the existence of trailer parks, thus advanced life forms.