How much of the universe is dark matter?

Another report that raises questions for me like when and how did the BB create DM? Computer simulations are good, but I think must be carefully balanced. The wrong amount of DM appearing after the BB event, the universe does not evolve like what we see today, said to take about 13.8 billion years. This holds true for various aspects of the Standard Model, dark energy, and problems like the cosmological constant. While DM is said to be seen in galaxies (generally with low redshifts), that observation does not explain when DM appears in the expanding universe or how DM managed to form just right for the expansion to avoid a collapse of the expanding universe (too much DM). Perhaps more fine-tuning problems are here.

I ask like questions in other reports too about BB cosmology.

DM is everywhere including where there is no visible or EM sensible matter. But as I am writing a paper on how DM creates Matter-energy in the form of nucleus and Atoms, if at intermediate to that nucleus forming stage, if we measure gravity, we will find some even where there is no matter so that is why we are able to feel its gravitational effects.
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