How the coronavirus pandemic can help us prepare for an asteroid impact

Jun 16, 2020
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or you guys could land on the incoming meteors nice rockets, or multiple rockets. and could move the meteor in different locations. or you could use nuclear rockets to expand waves to force it to go in another direction using a sat and ejecting atomic collisions. in duration that would not brake the meteor thus simply move it in another direction :) loving ey .... winky wink .. i mean thus you guys have been moving meteors sense way back in the 1900s so i know you have some loving ideas
Dec 11, 2019
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The emergency preparedness activities now underway to combat the coronavirus pandemic offer insight about our readiness to deal with a dangerous incoming asteroid, experts say.

How the coronavirus pandemic can help us prepare for an asteroid impact : Read more

What like scientists, medical, govermnments and MSM giving conflicting information? Do this, don't do this,wait do this, wait don't do this. Lock yourself in your house.

We would all just die from the asteroid because the so called "officials" and "experts" were a bunch of buffoons during the Covid19, once known as the Corona virus . What planet are you on? :rolleyes: :DNot to mention governments trying to take as many rights away as they can.

The Elite would just go in their underground bunkers and not <<snip>> about anybody.

The MSM would even have a countdown to when it will hit so everyone can panic. You know I am right.
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