How To Be A Good Kisser

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It is said that just after one kiss, a woman comes to know whether you are the one she can spend her entire life with, or not. I’m sure that this one liner must have stressed the importance of kissing, for all you guys out there. Infact, being a good kisser is one of the essential requirements of having good physical relations between the partners. A kiss might mean anything, right from emotional affection to passionate desire. What you are able to convey to the other partner will depend upon the way you kiss him/her.
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Kissing Tips & Techniques
• First things first! Make sure that your physical appearance is attractive. Otherwise, the other person will not even feel like kissing.
• Kissing means using lips. Make sure you lips are soft and supple and for that, start using lip balm on a daily basis. However, don’t use a balm or a gloss just before kissing; it will be a major turn-off.
• Nobody wants to kiss garlic or onion or say, smoke. Do not kiss if you have just had smelly things for lunch or smoked cigarettes. At the same time, always keep mints with you, for that perfect fresh breath.
• In the initial seconds, go easy. Give the other person time to feel completely at ease. You don’t want to scare your partner.
• Always try different types of kisses. French kiss is not the only kiss in the world.
• Don’t become so lost in the kiss, so as to completely forget the other person. Be attentive to his/her non-verbal responses.
• Lastly, be confident. Getting nervous while kissing is sure to make the beautiful sensations end up in a mess. Just go with the flow.
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Different Kiss Types
Many people believe that there are only two types of kisses - check kiss and French kiss. However, the realm of kiss is very vast. To know more, read on!
• In the Butterfly Kiss, you bring your face very close to that of your partner and then, flutter your eyelashes rapidly.
• Cheek Kiss, as we all know, is one of the friendly kisses. It is usually adopted on the first date. You need to gently brush you lips across your partner’s cheek.
• Earlobe Kiss involves sipping and sucking the earlobe of the partner. Since you are so close to the ear, do not make too loud noises.
• In the Eskimo Kiss, you gently rub your nose with that of your partner.
• Eye Kiss, as the name suggests, implies giving a tender kiss on the closed eyes of the partner.
You can do the Finger Kiss, while relaxing with your partner. Take his/her fingers and gently suck on them. <a hr>

• Considered an erotic kiss, Foot Kiss involves gently sucking the toes and then, kissing the foot very lightly.
• Forehead Kiss is meant to be the friendliest kiss. You simply brush your lips across your partner’s forehead.
• Freeze Kiss, also known as Melt Kiss, is the one in which you put an ice cube into your mouth and kiss your partner, while passing the cube to his/her mouth with your tongue.
• French Kiss is the most sensual kiss amongst all. At times called the Soul Kiss, it involves the tongue along with the lips.
• While doing the Fruity Kiss, you put a piece of a juicy fruit between your lips. While kissing you nibble a part of the fruit, while he nibbles the other.
• In Hand Kiss, you raise your partner’s hand to your lips and brush them lightly across the tip of the hand.
• Hot and Cold Kiss involves first licking your partners lips to make them warm and then, blowing on them to make them cold. Keep alternating.
• Lick Kiss is gently running your tongue over your partner’s lips, just before kissing.
• Lip Sucking Kiss means that you suck on the lower lip of the partner while kissing.
• For Neck Nibble Kiss, start with nibbling you way up and down your partner’s neck. Finally, place a gentle kiss on his/her lips.
• *** Kiss will require you to slightly nibble on your partner’s lips, while kissing. Make sure you do not end up biting him/her.
• While doing the Shoulder Kiss, come from behind your partner, give a slight hug and then, kiss the top of his/her shoulder. Affliction jeans
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• You can do the Sip Kiss while drinking something sweet. Take a sip of the drink, leaving a little of it on your lips, and gently kiss your partner.
• In Trickle Kiss, you take a sip of your favorite drink and then, trickle it into your partner’s mouth while kissing.
• Wake Up Kiss is more about time than technique. Just before your partner is about to wake up, kiss him/her - starting with the cheeks and ending at the lips. Then, softly say - Good Morning!
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