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How to find accurate imagery

Jun 26, 2020
We novices gain great understanding by the art work created by scientists. However, I’m having a tough time figuring out how to properly search for this factual imagery. For instance, I’m having trouble comprehending the time frame right when the planets were first forming. The dust to little glob stage whereby they’re gaining enough enough mass to start collecting into planet sized spheres. I figure if I can find a video depicting that then it will help me; however, I want to be sure that video is based off of science calculations and not some artist’s minds eye.

Is there an outlet or series of outlets that specialize in this type of imagery? If not, are there suggestions out there on what keys words to use for searching out this type of imagery?
Jun 1, 2020
There are a couple of theories regarding the early protoplanet development. One view is that silicates and stuff aggregated to form meter-size objects, then these things started coming together.

Then they realized that these objects would tend to self-destruct when they impacted one another. So they took an even harder look at it and a vortex model was produced that, apparently, allowed these things to gently come together after all.

Another was that gas and dust began accumulating in a spot and it grew rapidly from there.

There could easily be more but, if you are ready for information overload....

Check out this Newsletter site.... Bo Reipurth's The Star Formation Newsletter that I think it includes planetary formation studies.
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Jun 26, 2020
Eureka! I FINALLY understand! I still need to fill in all my gaps but thanks to all for your help. Catastrophe found this wonderful imagery for me as well. I will brag, I gained my comprehension just before he gave me this link which is uncommon for me. It is a testament to all the wonderful help I have received since I have joined this great community. Now here’s that link, enjoy!

Catastrophic said, After all that . . . . . . I just found this: