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How to Watch the Best Astronomical Events of 2020


You know what they say: new year, new astronomical opportunities! If you missed out on some of the best meteor showers and space anomalies of 2019, it’s not too late to get prepared for 2020! Here’s what’s coming up this year and where:


1. Occultation is set to happen on February 18th in North America.
Occultation happens when the moon temporarily eclipses Mars. This is quite the rare event, so if you’re in North America during the early morning hours of February 18th, head outside and see if you can spot it! The Moon should remain in front of Mars for a couple of hours.

2. The Lyrids peak in late April, while the Geminids will come in December.
Every year comes with a set of recurring meteor showers, and this year the Lyrids and Geminids are set to take center stage. The Geminids in particular should be stunning this year, since a moonless sky will allow them to shine in all their glory.


3. A Blue Moon will rise on Halloween.
Blue moons themselves are rare. But a blue moon on Halloween? What could be more atmospheric than that? Get ready to enjoy this site when you’re out trick or treating.


4. The only total solar eclipse of the year will be seen in South America.
If you’re in South America, you’re in luck! The only total solar eclipse set to happen this year will be visible in parts of South America. You can find a map of the exact path online. The eclipse is set to happen on December 14th, and if you saw last year’s eclipse there’s a good chance you’re in the right place for this year’s too.


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