How would we decode a message from ET? New project will give us a trial run

Mar 31, 2020
We are on the listening end, but it is important to know first, how we would send a signal. Mathematics is the universal language. Building images using various methods would be one way to communicate.
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May 24, 2023
Think I might mess around with this.

Assuming this is some kind of digital signal, the first thing I would try is count the number digits. Then see if it is a perfect square or the product of two primes. This could give the aspect ration if the message is a 2 dimensional picture. If not a perfect square or product of two primes; try dividing the total numbers of digits by 2,3,4, ...., If the answer is a perfect square or the product of two primes; then each pixel in the picture could composed a multi digit shade.

This idea could be extended to three dimensions. See if the totaal number of digits is a perfect cube or product of 3 primes.
Dec 29, 2022
Any frequencies below near IR, could not be used for communications, unless the range is extremely close. As far as any can concept, it would take the intensity of a star to have any "space range" at all. So for space radio, one has to modulate a star.

For alien messages......look for blinking stars. Or "motor boating" stars. I'll bet few have heard that term.