Hubble Space Telescope sees unexpected twin 'tails' from impacted asteroid

Looking at that photo, I am seeing "2 tails" that look very close together. So, I am wondering if what we are really seeing is the edges of a single hollow plume, with the edges having more density across our direction of view than the look through both sides in its center, as we see it.

That might make some sense to me as the result of a blast on the sunny side of the asteroid that blew a disk of material out more or less perpendicular to the direction to the sun, which then gets swept away from the sun by the solar wind, with the two asteroids blocking the wind to some degree in the middle of the mass of expelled dust.

On the other hand, I have read some articles which attribute twin tales from comets to be composed of mostly dust in one tail and mostly gas in the other. That also seems plausible for a blast into the interior of a rubble pile asteroid.


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