Hyper Light Cone - a new idea

Jan 2, 2024
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Please consider the diagram below. The idea addresses the odd possibilities that a 4 dimensioned space can have:
  1. Objects can turned inside out.
  2. An object in a box can be removed to the outside, that is the cat can get out of the box without opening the lid.
Let's say a black hole star (universe size or otherwise) as part of its compression toward a singularity were to experience time detachment (at the size of grapefruit) from the parent universe (time for it slowing such that it no longer kept pace with the parent universe). Then turned inside out. ( a possibility that might occur after.... time)
Turning inside out would present a time direction outward (previously inward) causing expansion and information that entered the black hole would get transferred to the child universe. I had better get some references lined up but for now the diagram.

Note The expansion of our universe can be shown to be a factor of the hypersphere radius as a consequence of the expansion of the universe; is a light cone. The time from transition = the hypersphere radius. The "Push" to expansion becomes not the hypersphere radius but the time from Transition.

Apr 1, 2022
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very nice,
i imagine that initial black hole emits some radiation and slowly decays.
slowly decreasing its time dilation factor.
time would increase at a slow rate for an observer inside relative to the distant past. The change of frame of reference is through the 4th dimension of time.
this would then cause the ruler to get shorter, but when compared to the distant past things would look longer. over time you get expansion. this is how time dilation pushes mass apart.
BUT when mass gets pushed apart gravity density decreases and time dilation again decreases. Now we have a positive feedback loop causing accelerated expansion. Some dark energy!
Jan 2, 2024
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Er, not quite. Let me put things another way:

The driver of existence is a force, a process that manifests as Time. Time itself is our interpretation of a process that is happening beyond our 3 dimension perception. We only experience an effect of a process we do not fully understand. We describe it with laws/formulae but not a complete understanding.

Consider, it is like a wave passing over sand. The universe is the wave and the sand is the quantum landscape. The movement is enabled by Time.

As if an Epic Film existed but we were there experiencing it frame by frame.

If we had greater perception we would be able to perceive the whole film from start to finish in one instant just like looking at a photograph. But, no we are limited to frame by frame. As a result, we describe the film frame by frame with our laws and theory instead of the whole film.

I am trying to look at the film without the frame-by-frame detail simply because I am not up to understanding the detail - just trying to offer something for minds better than mine to consider. I have no reputation to protect.

In a separate thread, it was suggested that the universe might have come into being not from a singularity but from something larger/ beforehand. So it seemed to me that the universe at the size of a grapefruit might be a contender. As a grapefruit is not nothing then there had to be a processor. A mega black hole seemed a good choice with a transition to a new universe (white hole) by the process of time switching from compression (inward direction) to expansion (outward direction).

Get a few degrees to your name and figure out how this can be done :)