I need help finding an old space website I went to when I was younger

Apr 12, 2024
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so since i was younger i loved anything space related, and on the old family computer i used to visit all kinds of different websites...although there was one site that i LOVED that i can not remember the name of at all, i dont remember the exact year it was but i believe it was 2013 to 2015?

basically the home page was narrow and had badly drawn rockets and plenets on each side, the site was yellow and black, the logo was red and had an astronaut on it

the website also had 2 or maybe 3 games i remember

game 1. it was a type of 2d solar smash game where you could drag around planets and spawn in more and collide the planets and spawn in meteorites and comets, it was in the webpage of the website and required no download

game 2. it was a game where you could zoom in or out, zooming all the way in would lead you to a women laying on the grass and you could zoom into her hand and see blood cells, skin cells, veins, ect, zooming out would bring you to the ort cloud system and other things

game 3?. i think there was a game where you went onto the moon and built a lunar base but i dont exactly remember

also, the website had different planets you could click on and learn about, i remember seeing pluto on that site but it was gray and blurred out

this is my first post so i apologize if theres any errors