Icy Europa's mysterious double ridges may hint at hidden pockets of water

"A ridge etched into the ice sheet of Greenland provides an unexpected hint that plentiful pockets of water may be trapped just underneath the surface of Jupiter's ice-covered moon Europa, one of the solar system's likeliest candidates to host microbial life."

My observation. Interesting report. Charles Darwin in 1882 stated about the origin of life, "Though no evidence worth anything has as yet, in my opinion, been advanced in favor of a living being being developed from inorganic matter, yet I cannot avoid believing the possibility of this will be proved some day in accordance with the law of continuity.1", Charles Darwin, “To Daniel Mackintosh 28 February 1882,” Darwin Correspondence Project, letter 13711, http://www.darwinproject.ac.uk/entry-13711.

Is the evidence for life arising on Europa from non-living matter better today than when Darwin wrote in 1882? Darwin used a warm little pond.