Imaging Matter

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First Complete Image of a Molecule, Atom by Atom
Researchers at IBM have used an atomic-force microscope to resolve the chemical structure of pentacene.

I thought I share this with our community - resolution to viewing matter has greatly increased over the last couple of years. Case in point is the article from the Blog Review from MIT....skimpy on some details but excllent picture of the molecule Pentacene...



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First Detailed Photos of Atoms
Though scientists have been studying them for years, atoms are only now ready for their first close-up portrait.
Sep 14, 2009

By Mike Lucibella & Lauren Schenkman
Inside Science News Service

The first detailed images of atoms show various arrangements of the clouds of electrons surrounding a carbon atom. A and B depict two different arrangements of the electron clouds.

Credit: Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology

WASHINGTON -- For the first time, physicists have photographed the structure of an atom down to its electrons.

The pictures, soon to be published in the journal Physical Review B, show the detailed images of a single carbon atom's electron cloud, taken by Ukrainian researchers at the Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology in Kharkov, Ukraine.

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