Infinite! Just Too Bad It's The Law!

The infinite (infinitesimal) || infinitesimal (infinite) is the "absolute" of the "non-local" state of universe (the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe), math, and physics. The equal but opposite states of infinite and infinitesimal are each the GUT of the other (ultimately, no difference whatsoever). All of the afore mentioned, is fundamentally immutable state, fundamentally immutable law, of [universe / universes (fbb2: 1 (unity) | 0 (null unity) . . . and parity (+/-))]. The only differential being the local state, the finite state, the relative state (essentially the composited component holographic state.

So, the principal synonym, and definition, for "infinite" is 'non-local state'. Which also happens to be the fundamental -- natural -- law! Deny it, dismiss it, you end up with infinite, absolutely foolish, complications.
One more synonym and definition of "infinite" is 'frontier universe', unobserved, unobservable, and in travel into, or even thinking into, that "infinite" (that infinity) of unobserved and unobservable frontier universe, 'future universe'. Therefore, yet another synonym and definition of "infinite" (past (into the future) | future (into the past)).

(Infinite (infinitesimal) || Infinitesimal (infinite).) Two sides of the same coin, only outside into it (going away from the local to the non-local) / inside out to it (going away from the local to the non-local). As I see them, one is always in fact the other, the difference being just in how we see them to be.

I've always equated mass and gravity, and the graviton string-ring (horizon anyway you turn it, anyway you look at it . . . anyway you "observe" it) singularity, with space, energy and the __ as I see it now -- magnetic monopole (moment) with time.

Gravity cone of space.
Light cone of time.
Gravity-light cone of space-time.

Yes, but mass doesn't infinitize because energy doesn't infinitize, therefore space doesn't infinitize because time won't infinitize! Sure, they will infinitize, but not anywhere in anything locally!

E(0) = m(0)c^0
E(1) = m(1)c^1
E(2) = m(1)c^2
E(3) = m(1)c^3
E(4) = m(1)c^4
.... Which sort of looks like an observed and observable universe expansion powered by increasing energy and no increase in mass . . . and disobeying the laws of conservation of mass and energy. Not really though.

Really there is the life equivalent and quantum mechanical equivalent, and universe equivalent, of life's cell division, conserving mass and energy. That is the reality of the above dimensionality, 'c' becoming soliton cellular, light bullet (magnetic monopole (moment)), constant as well as speed of light constant. With cell division to infinity, mass and energy will always be uniformly and universally conserved in the local, relative, holographical universe and always be available in the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe (IMU) within my descriptively ponderous Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant (cosmological constant /\) [past (future) | future (past) Horizon of all an infinity of horizons of universe (an infinity of universes).

Primal / fundamental binary base2 '0' (null unity) | '1' (unity) . . . and parity (+/-). As a saying goes, overall, over the 'Cosmic All', "information is neither created nor destroyed" (Infinite! Just too bad, it's the law!).