Question Infinity or not infinity that is the question.

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Yes, there are cases where electrons will pair up to form Cooper pairs as the electrons travel through a matrix. This is due to their spin alignment and the influence of the surrounding atoms. Columb repulsion is still there, just overcome.
Yes, there are cases where electrons will pair up to form Cooper pairs as the electrons travel through a matrix. This is due to their spin alignment and the influence of the surrounding atoms. Columb repulsion is still there, just overcome.
Magnetism! Electric! And there is no microcosmic / macrocosmic limit to its potential, though always finite potential reaches (unlike self-similar fractal fabric hyperspace / subspace "zooms" gravity (antigravity) infinities . . . infinite and infinitesimal)!

(Quantum particle point-portal monopole singularities in countless varieties (electroweak force). 'Dirac' electrons. Discreet quanta(s). Stars and solar systems. Galaxies and galactic clusters. Hawking "baby universes" in filament strings (horizon universes in multi-faceted multi-dimensional multi-geometry multi-form 'MULTIVERSE' 'verses'....)!)
Mar 31, 2023
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"Universe itself is infinite."
Of course.
"Since we cannot create matter or energy from nothing."
What about vacuum energy? It exists in the 'nothingness' of pure vacuum. It's an artifact of the infinite distance, nothing else.
Every object out there regardless of its size has a finite body.
So, objects cannot have an infinite body."
So what? That doesn't prove there's no infinity. Sifi cheers from Allen Somerset, writer of "Brave New Mars" novel.
Of course.

What about vacuum energy? It exists in the 'nothingness' of pure vacuum. It's an artifact of the infinite distance, nothing else.

So what? That doesn't prove there's no infinity. Sifi cheers from Allen Somerset, writer of "Brave New Mars" novel.
I'm pretty sure Harry doesn't deny the existence of infinities. I think he is more less backing me up in my counterintuitive claim that the infinite content of a finite container can and will be nonlocally, non-relatively, infinitely greater than the local, relative, finite container. "Infinity of the mind." Infinity within bodies (such as the possibility of Hawking's countless "baby universes" fading away infinitesimally (therefore infinitely) from the finite in space and time). "Infinities on (and in) the head of a pin." Perturbations. Chaos Theory's "self-similar fractal zooms universe structure" out of its fundamental base "set and reset." A gravitational (antigravitational) ("zooms") / strong binding (nuclear) force (base "set and reset") . . . also to be realized as 'Casimir effect and force' . . . match up.

Our sole finite realization of infinities is as finite qualities or quantities that have "infinite potential" within and/or without! Only a few of us realize that the "infinite potential" has to already be *cosmically physically realized existing (the infinite potential of the finite has to already be infinitely 'fulfilled' nonlocally, non-relatively speaking).
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The universe is infinite in space and matter.

How matter changes from one phase to the next, is worth researching.

As for electrons being compacted, look at Protons and Neutrons.

Look at Axion Gluon matter.
How on Earth did people ever think that the universe was finite.

How on Earth?
I have an answer for you, Harry, since you ask. An answer you of all people can understand. Because of the 'Klein bottle' and Schrodinger's "cat" illustration too, just as you can fit countless "finites" within "infinite", you can fit countless "infinites" within "finite." And they will still be -- they will still remain -- equal but opposites always.
Thats a twist in a bottle
The twists (both plural and singular at the same time) of the 'Klein bottle' of the Planck (Big Bang) Horizon inside everything in and of the Universe, and the Big Bang (Planck) Horizon outside everything in and of the Universe . . . all at once!

Think, Harry! There actually is no real difference between infinitesimal and infinite. Just a relative (thus finite's middle ground) difference. and in mentioning it I realize erred in my result in my math version in "From a drop of water...." and am going to have to go back and edit and correct it so to . . . NOT equals zero . . . but equals infinity and/or zero.
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Hello Atlan001
Trying to follow your logic.
Space is infinite, yes?
Matter in space is infinite, Yes?
Non- relative nonlocally (infinite, infinitesimal, outside / inside, singular and plural open system), yes. Locally relative (closed systemic finite), no. Matter / anti-matter by very dimensional definition is locally relative and thus closed systemically finite. Since energy is a mass equivalent to mass matter, it follows relativity.

Now lay out universes in breadth and depth in open systemic, hyperspatial, Flatland and an infinity of [discreet-quanta-horizon-universes], you are reaching to and achieving infinity and infinities. What achieves "infinite density," and consequently the Abyss of alternative "infinite void," is light ("Stare into the Abyss, the Abyss will stare back into you." -- Nietzsche). "Vacuum," from which things / events "finite" appear essentially from out of nowhere . . . eventually to go back to the same nowhere (re-cycling), is both and neither; It is the trojan.
If I were looking for infinity, I would not look at numbers, size, time, or distance. Or the expansion of such. I would look at motion. It can not be stopped, only transferred. Only turned. So much motion that it warms this universe and all the space around it. Old orphan motion.


Apr 7, 2024
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Infinity or not infinity that is the question.

Universe itself is infinite.

All matter in the universe is and always will be.

Since we cannot create matter or energy from nothing.

We cannot destroy matter or energy.

Every object out there regardless of its size has a finite body.

So, objects cannot have an infinite body.

What happens to all bodies in an infinite universe?

They cannot hide or pretend to be Dark matter/energy.

So, we research and study applying whatever science we have at hand to explain the transformation from one phase to another.

This leads to various theories, some scientific and many based on opinions.

When we observe images out there and beyond, we notice clustering.

But! we expected expansion.

What is actually going on?
we will most likely never know the answer to that fascinating question.
educated imagination and supposition will probably be as much as anyone of us can dream, therefore anything is possible
Years gone by
Man thought the Milkyway was it.
Then we looked deeper
Then deeper
Then deeper
We saw our local group of Galaxies.
Then we saw we belong to a Super Cluster.
Now we can see in every direction with billions of galaxies.

Do you get the picture?
The deeper we see.
The more we see.
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I posted this paper before.
To assume there was a big Bang, you would assume a beginning to all from nothing.
or from a point of infinite matter.
Space itself is infinite

[Submitted on 15 May 2024]

Was there a Big Bang?​

D. E. Afanasev, M. O. Katanaev
New one parameter family of exact solutions in General Relativity with a scalar field is found. The metric is of Liouville type which admits complete separation of variables in the geodesic Hamilton--Jacobi equation. This solution exists for the exponential potential for a scalar field and is invariant with respect to global Lorentz transformations. It describes, in particular, a black hole formation as well as a naked singularity. Solutions corresponding to the naked singularity describe accelerating expansion of the homogeneous and isotropic Universe, and can be smoothly continued along geodesics to infinite past without Big Bang.
I came across this paper.
Do I agree with it? Not important at this moment.
I encourage your own research.

[Submitted on 2 Jun 2024]

Cosmological models based on an asymmetric scalar doublet with kinetic coupling of components. II. Numerical modeling​

Yu.G. Ignsat'ev, I.A. Kokh
Numerical modeling of a mathematical model of the cosmological evolution of an asymmetric scalar doublet with kinetic interaction between the components was carried out. A wide range of values of fundamental parameters and initial conditions of the model are considered. Various types of behavior have been identified: models with an infinite inflationary past and future - with and without a rebound point, models with a finite past and infinite future, with an infinite past and finite future (Big Rip), as well as models with a finite past and future. Based on numerical analysis, the behavior of models near the initial singularity and the Big Rip is studied; it is shown that in both cases the barotropic coefficient tends to unity, which corresponds to an extremely rigid state of matter near singularities. A numerical example of the cosmological generation of the classical component of a scalar doublet by its phantom component is given. An assessment was made of the creation of the velocity of fermion pairs by a scalar field near the rebound points and it was shown that a scalar field at the cold stage of the Universe can ensure the creation of the required number of massive scalarly charged fermions. Keywords: cosmological model, phantom and classical scalar fields, quality analysis, asymptotic behavior, numerical modelling, scalar field generation, types of behavior.
The question begs.
Why does man want to see a finite universe?
Why does man want to see a creation, a Big Bang Theory come to light?
I'm willing to go for one possible answer: Because, Harry, of the relative depth of the macrocosmic 'cone' universe to a 'point!' along every spoke-line up and out and the relative depth of the microcosmic 'cone' universe to a 'point!' along every spoke-line down and in. From out of the cone's point at the cone's other end from us along every spoke-line, what should we observe that end of the universe appear to issue us but exactly what we do observe accelerating in expansion of cone's accelerating opening toward us?!

This particular collapsed cosmological constant (/\) 'Mirror Horizon' Universe (U) (T=1) of an infinity of point-singularity-portals merging doesn't mirror SPACE (Space cannot be observed) but does mirror back SPACETIME (Every beginning and youth in endless beginning / all beginnings and youth, altogether and all at once (thus a forever permanent "Fountain of Youth" conical vortex issuing)). Just because the infinities will cancel each other out to zero and spring infinities of local-relative finites (thus, at one and the same time being infinities of infinitesimals (still infinites)), has no bearing on the continuum of non-local, non-relative, infinity.

Every finite there is existing is itself an infinite finite.
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Apr 29, 2024
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Anyone who is interested in outer space and finds themselves on the forum reading A-level students. What?!? Speaking from outer space, let's transport the Scottie...

Physics is a good starting point for education and the topic is the structure of matter.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it is simply transformed into another form.

The perfect example of this is taken by the engineering and application of the cooling system. The refrigerant gas. Note the compounds that make up the gas. The scientific interest of that is for the planet Pluto! What is the energy or the elements here to change its shape?
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Hello Atlan
You write so well I was ready to believe in your writing.
It sounds like you are right.

And yet
I need evidence.
I need to see the putting so to speak.
Come on, Harry, this involving infinity, plus, isn't a Lab based provable! Everything having to do with the reality of unobservable universes (u), and an unobservable Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe (U) in superposition will stay unprovable until we actually get out there into the vastly wider, larger, universe and begin to piece it together. Otherwise, the only way to go after it is the macrocosm's actual physical model, the quantum complexity and chaos of the microcosm.
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Apr 29, 2024
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Refrigeration plant on the planet Pluto.

The refrigeration cycle that does not change its structural material state (momentarily will not change when the human race arrives and changes). Which would take engineering and its application to a new level of understanding. Introduction of fossil fuels. And compared to the structure of matter, much more happens here on Earth.

But like the compounds found in refrigerated gas here on planet Earth. There must be fluorocarbons in the atmosphere. Compound obtained by replacing fluorine atoms or all the hydrogen contained in a hydrocarbon such as methane.
Methane forms Pluto's atmosphere. HFCs are rarely produced, naturally? On the other hand, excluding nitrogen, this atom has history!
In the environment, ammonia is part of the nitrogen cycle and is produced in the soil from bacterial processes. Ammonia is also produced naturally from the decomposition of organic matter on Earth, including plants, animals, and animal waste.
So, burning carbon or hydrocarbons in the atmosphere and separating the resulting carbon dioxide and water from the residual nitrogen.
This is more convincing evidence that an extraterrestrial meteorite or one of the moons orbiting the planet Pluto impacted the surface where the ice sheet is located and located.

From an engineering point of view, applying nuclear power to a planet sounds a little crazy, but the theory in principle is that the ice sheet melts here. In other words, there is still something or someone a little crazy that will unnaturally break the structure of matter.

Since there are no microorganisms present on Pluto for the carbon dioxide compound to produce oxygen. Instead, it produces carbon monoxide. There will be no signs of life on the planet nor will it be worth investing here the international cooperation of space expeditions or billions, a waste of time and effort in manpower to observe a bacteria that the fate of a possible lunar collision has not ended with the existence of the planet Pluto. Hence the slower release of carbon monoxide. And the smokers didn't matter! Hence the slower death cycle!

For life to flourish here, the planet would need a hotter core. The heart beats faster and in sync with the mind, body and soul or a conscience said yes to quitting smoking!

And the sun, the natural carbon from the sun breaks down to produce oxygen and that will allow life or microorganisms (bacteria) to thrive.

Yes, this is a little crazy, but for the magnitude of logging that would be necessary to deforest the Amazon rainforest. To be thrown to the ground of the planet.

And it sounds absolutely absurd that nuclear weapons would be fired at the planet in the future. Unfortunately, those gases are not compressed Co2 like the elements needed for Pluto. On this note of increasing the carbon footprint on our planet we have the red plant!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
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