Interstellar Asteroid Impacts and Ring Dike Complexes


The official record for interstellar impacts is a blank page so let me try to fill in the dots.

Because of the incredible pressures within the subsurface interstellar impact plume, when the magma column rises up it tends to blowout and rupture the surface. The magma column explodes outward lifting up a conical plug of the country rock. The magma flow supports a conical plug leaving a core of sediments and molten sediments surrounded by a ring of (usually) basaltic magma.

This creates an unusual surface structure called a ring dike.

This “volcano” is planted right in the middle of a continent far from any plate boundary or conventional source for volcanic activity. This is however a perfect example of a smaller interstellar asteroid punching through the crust.

Pictured here is a classic ring dike in New Hampshire USA. 43.77N -71.26W or enter 43.77,-71.26 into Google maps then switch to satellite view.

Pilanesberg South Africa this interstellar impact appears to have created the Bushveld Igneous Complex. One of the richest ore deposits on the planet.

Wikipedia: Vast quantities of molten rock from Earth's mantle were brought to the surface through long vertical cracks in Earth's crust—huge arcuate differentiated lopolithic intrusions—creating the geological intrusion known as the Bushveld Igneous Complex.

It looks like the interstellar asteroid was coming in from the west at a very low angle. The interstellar asteroid punched a trench through the crust and into the mantle.

The age given in the Wikipedia reference is ridiculous. A structure like Pilanesberg can remain visible for around 60 million years with about 100-150 million years as a maximum. Do the geochronology over with cameras (forbidden for blah blah reasons) present and witnesses in the laboratory during the measurement. Have them submit the results as legal testimony (under pain of perjury).

Shown above are members of the American Academy of Sciences

Geology The Reactivation Clause

An interstellar asteroid punches through the surface excavating (forcing to the surface) older rocks. A plume of molten rock was created under the excavated rocks and the impact’s shockwave, thermal expansion and buoyancy lifting up the rocks. This older rock is fractured and infiltrated by molten material created at the same time as the impact.

If you date the excavated rocks you will get an old and quite legitimate date. If you date the fresh molten rocks you will get the date of the impact. A molten rock has its date reset to zero so the molten rock records the time since the impact.

Both ages are correct within the context of a single interstellar impact.

The Reactivation Clause creates a false narrative. The event that excavated the rocks is given by the age of the excavated rocks. The appearance of the newer molten rock was caused by the reactivation of faults (or some other vague excuse). This argues that the appearance of the younger rock melts and the excavation of the older rocks was not concurrent.

Interstellar asteroids are made to disappear by taking an impact and giving it a false (ancient) date while saying that the young impact melt that is present throughout that rock occurred long after its excavation.

A single interstellar asteroid impact event becomes two separate events with no impact occurring. The resulting impact plume of molten rock is intentionally mislabeled as a mantle plume.

Modern Science is based on the Ferengi rules of acquisition. Keeping secret, the actual geological mechanism which created the valuable Bushveld Igneous Complex is an inspired example of Ferengi science.
Interstellar Asteroids are a fact.

Interstellar asteroids do produce huge volumes of molten material. Jay Melosh constrained his model’s impact velocity so that it did not include interstellar asteroids. His paper/fiat concluded that asteroids were incapable of creating events like the Siberian or Deccan traps.

Interstellar asteroids provide a simple explanation for a lot of economically valuable geological phenomena.

Economic interests used Occam’s razor to cut out science’s tongue. Interstellar asteroid impacts are completely absent from the geological and scientific record.

Science and scientists are just cannon fodder, subservient to unelected economic tyrants just like the rest of us.

Except that those tyrants left a paper trail leading straight to them.

A simple way to make a fuse is to roll wet strips of paper into gunpowder.

In spite of a misspent youth, I can still count to ten on my fingers.

Here is Ardnamurchan in a hostile, malaria infested, god forsaken, Scotland.

While the Texas oil men were dealing with a path of burnt oil across Texas, the British had this in their back yard.

A lot of scientists know about the geological effects of interstellar asteroids.

These are the Wallowa Mountains along with other arcuate (circular) structures in northeastern Oregon.

I have 90% confidence that the Yellowstone plume was created by the impact of an interstellar object at approximately this point 45.5N -117W. This area and the area north and west (Idaho) are volcanically active (with dates that are all over the place) so this area is messy. The impact was about 18 million years ago and the North American continent has since moved about 200-300 kilometers to the west and south. (this could be a rotation so the entire continent need not have moved)

This area was lifted about 1-2 kilometers after the impact so the flood basalts were either thin or were shed off the flanks of the uplift. This observation might be true for most points of impact which could mean that impact points are not usually buried by flood basalts.

Olivine and other deep mantle materials are found in the surrounding flood basalts or in dikes of material running through these circular structures.

The curved Yellowstone plume path (graben) along with the Little Big Horn valleys (Wyoming and Montana) were intensely studied by the Oil Companies and the US Geological survey in the 1940-50’s. This information was merged with previous British and Texas’ studies revealing the geological value of interstellar asteroid impacts.

You could follow the papers as they moved toward understanding what they were looking at (impact geology). They found what they were looking for, the connection between interstellar asteroids and oil. They then began erasing their own tracks as fast as they could.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
You are to be commended for the amount of work you have put in but I, for one, am very confused between fact and alleged political motivation. Could you please give us a very short statement of intent. For example (tongue in cheek):
Billions of years ago the US government caused interstellar asteroids to impact Earth in order to control oil supplies.
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Most of the oil that is now recoverable tends to be less than 500 million years old. Billion year old oil deposits are now graphite. Your billions of years old statement is totally bogus.

The process of creating oil requires poisoning the sea bottom so that the organic material that falls to the sea bottom is not consumed (recycled back into the biosphere).

The impact also releases huge amounts of carbon and increases the bioavailability of iron, phosphorus and other key elements. The ocean productivity increases (at least at the single celled level). At the same time organic material is falling into the poisoned bottom layer to be removed from the biosphere by burial. This buried organic material has the potential to become oil under the proper circumstances.

The toxic metals and other fallout after an interstellar asteroid are the key to starting the process of oil creation. The amount of energy required and the enrichment of higher isotopes in the fallout indicates temperatures close to a million degrees. The absence of any lighter isotope enrichments means that the lighter material left Earth’s gravity well.

The process of oil creation is only part of the secret. Knowing where and when these impacts occurred gives you a computer model for oil exploration that ordinary surface geology could not give you. The International Ocean Drilling Program IODP is a cover for secretly determining the place and dates for these impacts from ocean sediments.

The seven sisters computer models will give them the rough probabilities of oil being present in any location without ever drilling a hole.

All of this was done to create a monopoly of incredibly valuable information that would leave the smaller oil companies (and entire nations) at a permanent disadvantage.

The absence of interstellar asteroids from the scientific and geological literature is intentional. The oil companies got there first and possession is 9/10ths of the law (a law which they also own).


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Thank you for that. I would still like a 20-worder if that is possible please.
Something like (if that is the sort of thing you mean)
US Government corners oil supplies using secret computer program correlating asteroid falls. Am I getting closer to your point?

All I can find is contained in this:
Nominations to the Interstate Commerce Commission, Hearing Before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, on Nomination of Marcus Alexis, Darius W. Gaskins, Jr., and Thomas A. Trantum to be Members of the Interstate Commerce Commission, June 27, 1979 – United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Thanks to the Laramide Orogeny, Sevier Orogeny, and the Swedish Donkey Orogeny (😊) the geology of the American West has about as much scientific accuracy as Grimm’s Fairytales.

Orogeny is a genuine geological process usually related to mountain building. Interstellar asteroids can cause huge geological effects over vast areas. Since interstellar asteroids did not publicly exist, the oil companies had to come up with some pretty bizarre explanations.

Both the Laramide Orogeny and Sevier Orogeny theories are under attack since the official narrative may have included too many unicorns.

The above image shows the extent of serious volcanic activity in the recent past. The Yellowstone impact in Northeast Oregon explains only some of what is in this picture.

Interstellar asteroids may create unusual geology like that shown or it could be unrelated phenomenon.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"Since interstellar asteroids did not publicly exist"

The only two interstellar objects we actually know about are Oumuamua and Borisov. They have been widely publicised but, of course, they didn't hit us.

When the asteroid hit the Earth, how did oil originate. Please, just a few word summary.
Are you looking for the magical search term which returns the contents of the big oil company’s database?

Any serious data was deleted long ago, technically those papers would document criminal actions and are admissible in court. They left the titles of “interesting” impact related papers out there on the internet to attract the attention of people unwisely looking in the wrong places. All of these “bait” papers are protected by a paywall that forces you to identify yourself.

The simple answer is no you are not going to find any information on the internet stating that interstellar asteroids create oil. Nada, zip, zero.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
So what is the basis of the assertion that "interstellar asteroids create oil"?

I am a dreaded scientist. Despite a previous misunderstanding, I am a graduate Chemical Engineer. I was taught oil chemistry (even we only had North Sea Gas).
I am listening. I am long retired. Frankly, I don't care a jot where oil came from.

I am inquisitive and find your assertions "different".
Oil and gas usually come from a source rock called black shale. It doesn’t mean that the oil and gas stays in those rocks after formation. Oil and gas tend to migrate to structural traps.

The black shale has a lot of unusual properties. The property of black shale that creates oil is its organic content. The organic content of black shale has been known to exceed 50% by weight with 5-10% being typical for oil producing shale. Unlike coal, oil and gas retain both the hydrogen and the carbon, forming simple to long chain molecules. The process for coal appears simple, heat and pressure break the bonds releasing the hydrogen and oxygen in substances like wood. Carbon remains as coal contaminated with dirt and other non-biological impurities.

Heating coal and adding hydrogen (usually as steam) can convert coal to hydrocarbons.

Black Shale is a sediment which forms underwater. This is usually sea water but huge oil deposits have been lacustrine (huge fresh water lakes). The organic material lives in the water above the poisoned sea bottom. When it dies it falls into a toxic zone where nothing including microbes can eat it.

The official story of oil shale is where the problem starts. Anoxia at the sea bottom precipitates metals from the seawater which ends up making the black shale toxic. Some of these materials are rare and organically scavenged when they appear.
The textbook mechanism for oil creation (anoxia oxygen deprived water) is literally worthless. Anoxia does occur in closed environments and can precipitate minute (barely measurable) quantities of metal from seawater. When the anoxia ceases the precipitated metal goes back into solution.

The uranium in black shale caught my attention first. Black shale always contains uranium in higher concentrations than normal sediments >2 ppm. It took me years to find out why.

Uranium is dissolved in minute quantities in seawater and according to Dogma this is where the uranium in black shale comes from.

Black shales with high uranium content have formed in fresh water. The uranium did not precipitate out of the water. They talked their way out of this by saying local volcanic rock produced massive quantities of dissolved uranium that ended up high concentrated in the fresh water black shale. This was a lie with the full weight of American science behind it. Why would they lie?
The uranium was the tip of iceberg. Black Shale could also contain nickel, chromium, and molybdenum which dogma also said were anoxia markers.

At the same time as I was looking for the source of the uranium, I was also looking for impact craters. At first, they had nothing in common. Then I started seeing a pattern while looking for ordinary run of the mill impact craters. I found that the US Geological Survey went to great efforts to hide them.

In written geological well logs I found an 18km diameter buried impact crater about 3500 feet below the surface. I looked there because of a 5.7 Earthquake induced by injected well waste water. The core of the crater acted like a piston with the fluid pushing up on it. The USGS representative lied to my face when asked about the buried crater.

I had the government hiding impact craters and lying about the source of uranium in black shale. The only legal issue I found was the uranium commonly found in that states water (even at 25 ppb they would still let you drink it). I thought the government was covering up for oil company contamination of the water supply. I had a lot of dots, some typical corruption, and people hiding impact craters.
Later I would find that hiding impact craters was secret internal policy within the USGS. Everything of value was kept from the public. Buried impact craters can concentrate oil because of the fractured rock and shifted strata creating traps. The USGS would follow the orders of the oil tyrants no matter how arbitrary.

I found some papers on Uranium deposits. I also found some papers on the isotopic differences between uranium deposits. All surface derived deposits of uranium were isotopically heavy. The uranium in the sea would have cycles where it would rapidly shift to heavy isotopes then slowly move toward a lighter ratio. This was the signature of an interstellar impact but it would take me years to make the connection.

The isotopic ratio in seawater would rise after an impact. Then as erosion leached uranium from volcanic sources the ratio would get lighter.

The uranium found concentrated in black shale is skyfall, vaporized fallout from an extremely high temperature event that blasted material completely off the planet. I had a theoretical mechanism without any way of creating those conditions.
The Hipparcos Survey by the European Space Agency provided the answer. They had a chart of relative star velocities and in that chart a star had a velocity relative to the sun of 518 kilometers per second.

An asteroid hitting at that velocity could produce everything found in the black shale. The across the board change of isotope ratios at extinction boundaries and interstellar asteroid impacts.

Anoxia’s explanation for the isotopes were almost plausible except for uranium. Because of the weapons potential of U-235 it is watched like a hawk. The missing U-235 was not on Earth. The surface of the Earth also mysteriously concentrated all the heavy isotopes when compared to volcanic sources.

All of the heavy metals fell together to the bottom of the sea after the impact creating the conditions for black shale and oil. The anoxia was the result of this reactive and toxic metal concentration not the cause of it.

One final point about the USGS’s analysis of the Uranium in black shale. I found a reference about the chemical state of the uranium in black shale. The USGS would recognize its presence but always said they did not know how it was chemically present, only that it was bound to the organic material. That reference said it was bound into a chemical form (Barium Uranyl Phosphate) which made it virtually insoluble in seawater no matter the anoxia. Either metal by themselves could go into solution. Except what was the probability that barium, phosphorus, and uranium could co-precipitate out of seawater in large amounts?


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Look, I am a long retired scientist. I would not be unhappy to see a major reversal in thinking in something I was taught 60 years ago. Eeeeeek! Maybe the world is not flat as I was taught. Well, that is progress.

As I see it as an observer (and you the expert) your assertion seems based on;
"An asteroid hitting at that velocity could produce everything found in the black shale."

Please correct me if I am wrong. And please don't waste your life by typing more than a couple of lines. I do understand balance of probabilities.
I was imprecise. Could should be replaced by did. You are correct could suggests probability while did would put it as a direct result.

I try to avoid using absolutes when writing because it usually opens up an argument to attack by exception. Cause and effect are chains of reason and the black shale is the result of interstellar/high energy impacts.