Interstellar comets visit our solar system more frequently than thought


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
On the question of comets and disasters (only a connection), those who think comets foreshadow disaster might like to suggest Tambora (super eruption 1816) as a warning by Nature for the events of 1812-1816.

The connection? Maybe Nature is lining up these comets (knowing that we can detect them) by way of warning.

Be careful what you wish for (as in maltreating the Earth).

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The report says, "We concluded that, in the outer reaches of the solar system, and even considering the large uncertainties associated with the abundance of Borisov-like objects, transitory interstellar comets should outnumber Oort Cloud objects (comets from our own solar system)," Siraj added."

Consider that a comet traveling 13 light years at 20 km/s, could take 195,000 years to travel that distance. We also have the statement, *transitory interstellar comets should outnumber Oort Cloud objects...*

There is also the calculated number of Oort Cloud comets said to exist today. Different reports measure the numbers in the range of trillions of comets.
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