Iran Plane Crash Wreckage Spotted from Space (Satellite Photos)


Jan 5, 2020
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I am confused. The ground image I have, which can can be found with a search, shows the whole tail section and a large part of the fuselage up against a large house. Where is it? OK they removed the aircraft wreckage and the house also? I suppose they might need the house in the investigation, besides the wreckage. That or this arrow is not where the tail section was found. Something was wrong and at least I found it. I apologize to everyone. I made a mistake. I finally noticed the plane was a shoulder wing while the 737 is a low wing. Darn it. Good analysis for that shoot down though as it did get by a missile. That image is gone. If I find a good one I will just use the same writing.
Sharp-eyed satellites have spotted debris from the Ukrainian airliner that went down in Iran early Wednesday morning (Jan. 8).

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"Iranian officials have denied responsibility for the plane crash, claiming that the U.S. is "spreading lies" about the intelligence that pins the blame on the regime, according to CBS News."

This morning I watched FoxNews - CBS report is wrong. Iran now admits they shot down the plane. Who is reporting *fake news*?

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