Question Is “dark energy” (Λ) a reaction term?

Sep 22, 2020
In the Standard Model, action and reaction were left out, to make the math manageable. Try solving Einstein’s tensor-matrix-calculus, and you’ll see why. Star and galaxy formation constitute the main “action” in the cosmos. Such action—collapse—cannot occur without reaction—expansion. Core-collapse supernovae being the most dramatic examples of this principle.

Quantifying reaction in the cosmos requires at least two factors, eta (η) and R_i. Eta is the efficiency with which collapse is coupled to expansion (0 < η < 1); R_i is the distance over which this coupling occurs. See link, below, for a complete description of η and R_i.

It is suggested that:

Λ = η/(R_i)^2

This equation, using known factors, yields the observed value of lambda, or dark energy. Mystery solved?

An equation is considered the “gold standard” in physics. The video explains the equation, in layman’s terms. It is NOT commercial spam. It is educational, shedding much light on dark energy. The question is valid, and warrants an answer. Let those who are curious have at it.

Thank you.

Dark Energy Dialogue:
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Oct 15, 2020
According to one idea, dark energy is a fifth and previously unknown type of fundamental force called quintessence, which fills the universe like a fluid. According to Einstein, the constant would be a repulsive force that counteracts gravity, keeping the universe from collapsing in on itself.
Jun 1, 2020
The big science today on DE will likely come from HETDEX. They are doing fantastic observations into much farther regions. They use about 35k fiber optics to observed a relatively large area of the sky, given the scopes giant aperture (~ 22 sq. arcminutes).

There will no doubt be many stories coming here at on the many results to come.

Also, McDonald Obs. is one of the few that are operating during the pandemic, which should get them even more attention than normal. They, wisely, elected to go with automation so that often only one person is needed on site.

One comment from the lead scientist is that we don't know if Dark Energy is dark and we don't know if it is energy. It is simply a term that arose to address the accelerating rate observed for the expansion of galaxies away from one another.
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An interesting look at expansion over different location objects.
Expansion in perspective might prove out that dark energy is just an illusion of perspective.
Dark matter is a different story but i suspect dark matter is temp quantum particle creation in the great E balance of quantum fluctuation.
Dark matter effect exists but dark matter as an item only exists from that instant before particle annihilation.
A steady state of mass that exists as random temp gravity with a + effect on the universe but no mass location.

As for expansion dark energy breaks a few energy rules trying to speed the universe expansion.
Other external universes gravity i think is a far more elegant solution to a faster expanding universe ( if it is even expanding faster) :)
Jun 1, 2020
I guess that answers my question. The dark energy enigma stems from sloppy science, not nature hiding anything. Interesting...
Are you being facetious?

Well, sloppy implies that they made guesses that were obviously erroneous from the start. Sloppy science would be like all those who claimed Galileo's optics on all those early telescopes were at fault when observing those orbiting bright lights around Jupiter.

DE is just a label we give the acceleration component of the expansion so we have something to define. Once we define something -- thanks to extensive observations -- we can make wise guesses and begin testing those ideas. Some DE theories (non-sloppy) have already been falsified, so I'm told, but dozens more remain.

The new HETDEX efforts are just beginning to help us with the definition of what DE might be. It could easily not be energy or dark, thus labels aren't always what they should be. Ask astronomy teachers how much they like the name for our 7th planet -- Uranus? :)
Thanks, all.

I guess that answers my question. The dark energy enigma stems from sloppy science, not nature hiding anything. Interesting...
Yep dark flow has a totally different opinion about dark energy.
Got to wonder how dark energy could have different properties in different locations depending on what you look at.
And then the energy creation properties of dark energy doom it.
Dark energy could exist but IMO as temp particle creation energy of fluctuation.
IMO dark energy was needed to explain the accelerating universe.
I think other universes do a far better job of pulling the universe apart with no mystery energy creation process of dark energy.
1 universe in an endless sea and dark flow math works.
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