Question Is Dark Matter, the matter that has been swallowed by Black Holes

Aug 4, 2020
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I have wondered about Black Holes for many years. It is extremely hard to visualize a Black Hole in my head, so I often try to use things that are easier to joggle in my mind, as stand in for various things.

The other day I was doing this with Black Holes and it occurred to me that I have heard scientists describe Black Holes as the drain in a sink. I then thought that if Dark Matter isnt interacting with the electromagnetic spectrum and we can in no way observe it, then perhaps that is because it actually exists in another dimension or a parallel universe. The way I visualize it is that Dark Matter is like the water flowing beneath ice in a frozen river. The ice is like the fabric of our Spacetime, and you can barely (or not at all) see the water flowing below, unless there is a hole in the ice, which is then a Black Hole in this example. So I thought that perhaps Dark Matter is matter, which has been swallowed by Black Holes and is now flowing, like water flows under ice in a frozen river.

Is this a completely stupid idea and a waste of my time??
May 28, 2020
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First of all there are no stupid ideas in this Field, Its universe anything can possibility.

Now both normal and dark matter can orbit the black hole without falling into the black-hole.
but as normal matter interact with other matter it looses energy through heat generated by fiction and may loose the angular momentum and fall in black-hole but in the case with dark matter it does not interact with anything to cause friction and lose in momentum so it may stay on its orbit without falling .
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Nov 21, 2019
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Dark matter is: information in the photons transformed into energy(by the stars), and separated from its source, the photon ring/s. By untwisting those energy, spending this energy, information gets back in the photons in a photon ring, in meantime information in dark matter could be more or less changed by the black hole, trying to shrink this energy.


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dark matter


  1. (in some cosmological theories) non-luminous material that is postulated to exist in space and that could take any of several forms including weakly interacting particles ( cold dark matter ) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang ( hot dark matter ).

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