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is escape possible

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doc_harra - Concerning your post about going with the flow in the expansion of the universe.<br /><br />Stayinig on thread theme, were you aware that spaceship earth, and Milky Way, are already going against the flow of expansion?<br /><br />To be specific, Milky Way and thousands of other galaxies are flowing on a sort of river in space towards the Great Attractor in the Virgo supercluster.<br /><br />This involves blue shifting rather than the red-shifting of light common to the expanding universe.<br /><br />In the early part of the journey of trillions of years we will merge with other galaxies - starting with the merger with Andromeda galaxy.<br /><br />Spaceship earth has a fascinating journey ahead - and we can plan for survival of the many obstacles ahead.<br /><br />Like, sure if we live below sea level with poor levee protection with another Katrina expected eventually our survival would be in question.<br /><br />But we do not have to simply sit back and let it happen! We can by good works survive what would otherwise destroy us.
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