Is string theory worth it?


Oct 22, 2019
FYI, a very interesting report here. I note this at the end or the report.

"One of the many challenges of string theory is that it predicts the existence of extra dimensions in our universe that are all knotted and curled up on themselves at extremely small scales. Suffice it to say, there are a lot of ways that these dimensions can interfold — somewhere in the ballpark of 10100,000. And since the particular arrangement of the extra dimensions determines how the strings of string theory vibrate, and the way that the strings vibrate determines how they behave (leading to the variety of forces and particles in the world), only one of those almost uncountable arrangements of extra dimensions can correspond to our universe. But which one? Right now it's impossible to say through string theory itself — we lack the sophistication and understanding to pick one of the arrangements, determine how the strings vibrate and hence the flavor of the universe corresponding to that arrangement. Since it looks like string theory can't tell us which universe it prefers, lately some theorists have argued that maybe string theory prefers all universes, appealing to something called the landscape. The landscape is a multiverse, representing all the 10100,000 possible arrangements of microscopic dimensions, and hence all the 10100,000 arrangements of physical reality. This is to say, universes. And we're just one amongst that almost-countless number. So how did we end up with this one, and not one of the others?..."

Okay, last night I enjoyed viewing the waxing gibbous Moon in Virgo, Elnath star in Taurus, and Venus using my telescope ranging from 40x to 111x views from 2030-2130 EDT. The report indicates we may have 1.01E+7 different ways to fold all the different dimensions in string theory. Attempting to show that light from the Moon, Venus, and the star Elnath, passed through some 1.01E+7 different folds and various dimensions to reach my telescope - is difficult to show it seems. According to the report, *The landscape is a multiverse* that could perhaps explain how light from the Moon, Venus, and Elnath traveled to my telescope eyepiece, passing through the different folds and dimensions. When I look at Jupiter, I can easily see the 4 Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter using my telescopes. More testing is apparently need for the string theory model it seems to show a multiverse surrounds us.


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