Is time travel possible?

Aug 31, 2021
Isn't time just a measurement of information transfer? For example, if you are in a room and someone passes wind, the event will have been over before the odour reaches your olfactory receptors. If someone else parts gas at the exact same moment but ten feet further away then it will take slightly longer for your receptors to be stimulated with those particles. The differences between the two events is "time" measurement?
But that's two events plucked out of the air literally. Aren't all events happening at the exact same time? Like now? Constantly?
The grass is blowing in the field beside my house right now at the same time as the floppy, gushy spars are moving in a radiation field on a planet 100,000 light-years away right now. I'll never see it but there is a universal cusp of a wave where everything is happening right always. But always moving to the next event then the next and the next. Never stopping. (I feel nuts trying to explain this)
Let's call it the now and try to watch all events unfold in the quantum, or smaller, in our minds eye?
It's analogous to cell division at the tips of plant roots. The Universe is a billion hectre field. All the root tips are dividing at the same time but a family of earth worm mathematicians will never see all the roots at the exact time of division at any given moment.
I should delete this as I am making a silly fool of myself. Oh look, the Earth is round!
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I think of time as some sort of conveyor or carrier (like a carrier wave) that allows information and other things to take place. It is woven into space, hence spacetime, and the rate varies from one observer's fixed (inertial) frame to the next.
Dec 27, 2020
Yes it is !!! I've been conducting experiments since the late eighties And they have proven successful