It's the month of Mars! 3 Red Planet missions set to launch in July

Mar 5, 2020
The Hope spacecraft was built by the UAE's Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, in partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder, Arizona State University and the University of California Berkeley. These organizations are Houston’s masterminds of fantasy planetary geochronology. With these organizations holding my belay line I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up a set of stairs.

China is tight lipped about their mission since they don’t want their probe to commit “suicide” while on the way to Mars.

Houston started a war in space with the simultaneous destruction of the primary and secondary processors of the Russian Phobos/Grunt mission. What American national interests were served by crippling a Russian Space Probe going to Mars?

If the official cause of the failure—cosmic rays knocking out two separate computer circuits simultaneously—is not accurate, then remedial actions and get-well measures will be inappropriate and very possibly ineffective. James Oberg’s not so veiled threat to Russia.

What next, any sample return mission from Mars being destroyed by America’s Space Force?
Jul 19, 2020
"If Tianwen-1 is successful, China will become just the third nation, after the Soviet Union and the United States, to land a spacecraft on Mars. "
Fourth. You've forgotten the British Beagle 2. It's solar panels didn't deploy, but it did land intact.


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