Jaw-dropping northern lights from massive solar flares amaze skywatchers around the world. 'We have a very rare event on our hands.' (photos)

May 11, 2024
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I was fortunate enough to have been able to see and get a few photos of the 2003 G5 storm. from Upstate NY Vermont border close to Albany NY. From the pictures and videos I have been seeing from last night this storm has blown away the 2003 storm. of course, digital photography has jumped leaps and bounds since 2003. Unfortunately, it rained here all night but I am grateful for all the millions of people from all over the world. I can't remember a natural happy, event bringing so many people this close together. I still have my fingers crossed for tonight, the is shining today. Thank you, everyone, for the great photos, from this aging man. Now I can die happy