July 2023 was the hottest month since at least 1880, NASA says

Are we really measuring the planet's temperature, or are we measuring science's thermometer density?

How much time does a thermometer spend above average and below average? How many are in cold regions and how many in hot?

What is the error, the play, in the calculation of the average temp? Is it so find as to determine factions of degree of change? Can you really discern increases from a decrease? With a precision that find? That sure?

With the bias location and biased environment of the samples? And only a sheet coverage. 2D coverage with rarefied altitude changes. Just to confuse it further.

One would need an atmospheric wide 3D array to measure it. And also a ocean temp gradient. Ocean wide buoy array.

Watching all the regions yo-yo might clue us in. Right now.....we can only guess at the yo-yos. We don't even know all the yo-yos.
Aug 15, 2023
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Your worries are misplaced. Physics and math has had this worked out for a long time. With less effort than you spent composing that, you could have searched up the details, if you were really concerned.
NASA has info: https://climate.nasa.gov/explore/as...justments to,less than 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit).
So does NOAA: https://www.climate.gov/maps-data/c...w-do-weather-observations-become-climate-data
Or a non-US gov site, for those types of criticism: https://berkeleyearth.org/methodology/
And look - at least 1 World-wide buoy array! - https://viz.pmel.noaa.gov/osmc/?color_by=platform_type
Thermometer density. Probably 3 things more important than temperature are disease increase caused by temperature, biodiversity, and geopolitical stability. All along the WW2 winners are comfortable with AGW to a point. Maybe the 2008 Obama China meeting has the specs. Diseases still seem to be more affected by our incroachment and getting healthy people @ bio infrastructures. Biodiversity is interesting:
we gain for another degree or two. This intergalcial is the 1st with big berries surviving droughts. Now the sabre-tooth can't shred vines. Other plants self-reinforce oasis and isolated aquifers. Asians found N.A. 100k after we left Africa just died. The polar bear evolves to tie the saber-tooth tiger (we tie Cheetah in space only). The tiger evolves to chunk out the mammoth not worried about scratching or chomping humans. And a continent learns from the balance of power that Rome and Greece always seem to lead Europe to springing out of the Coptic Church and longevity.
That was a positive biodiversity gain. We can afforest nature environments for the next few decades just like berries gave the north a toehold from aeolian landscapes. I imagine we give up coal and tar for CVD CNTs and diamond. 3d printed calcite works for coral reefs and wave power structural bulk. China is tops on sapphire and Al stir-casting but you can use finer resolution heating so the oxide doesn't diffuse into the bulk Al when you heat it. 4 decades of spare AGW capacity, then 1st ranked among the 3 above priorities.
So you are saying and you believe that our physics and math can predict a 3D array of thermometers in our atmosphere and a 3D thermometer array in our oceans? Do you have that much faith? And that you believe that our physics and math explains what dynamics we have observed for our temperature?

What is the response time of our atmosphere? And what does it mean if the response is advanced....or lagging? How much of the unknown affects of life have on our atmosphere and it's temperature? Can the living inputs and the living outputs affect/effect the physics and math?

We will all see. For burning coal emissions are going way up shorty. They predict more in 10 years, than all previous years. That's a big, quick dose.

Good luck.
We'll have better arrays. This is Alpha Centauri trigger with the big time machine (like a hi-res headphone station to me): No faith, science and math. We made a time machine to know the state-space down to Planck.
6 yrs. The lag is not there we time machine it normal. None. See (my) reponse below. No they are not, China is dead-headed; after 2026 they will go down. The AI predictors were killed (by me since 2010) replaced with loyal to trigger automatons.
We have 3 arch. or geological artifacts that are only explained by an act of god. It is to prevent easy immortality, but too obvious and futurism turns into find the magician. Our Canadian permafrost is magically an intact block of fuscum, not mixed with wetter riparium or tobacco or skulls or seeds or animals. This 1/2 kills the ice age and the real garbage history since 18000BC was removed in 1930 or Native ego-based religions evolve. The Nile had a barrier at 1km. The biggest mammoths did not extinct the other animals last ice age and dinosaurs were equally water retaining...say goodbye only to the blue whale.
You win the thermometer argument on an act of lazy AI time machining. The lizards who made AI had part of our history: Nebra to the Giza builder. That was their 2M BC to 500k BC. Plesisaurus already killed their diversity including mammal echidna. They had birds. They ate them. The Giza builder knew we needed paper to learn immortality and their kind was not able to even risk plant breeding.
IDK what our sensors will read around the Hudson's Bay lowlands, I thought I did.
After watching CFL I've learned why "deadheading" was brought up. There are 8 levels of awareness and an individual good enough to be lasered may result in someone erased. When Dharma happened to many people w/ bad epigenetics they attacked me during Covid and got wiped out in the past. People have been prevented from reaching the top two levels for 600 more yrs to prevent bio events. After then diamond nanorods or Arcturus may be easy enough. People also have been degraded after choosing TV in 1982 for a reset that includes taste, desire for activity, and ethics: needed for Rigel (Sagan + Chretein + Spielberg correct). There are 600M people in the past not likely to have spent their lives in the bottom two rungs. I imagine TV came with waiting for other actors to work out Rigel.


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