Legendary Meteor Outburst May Occur Thursday Night. Here's What to Know

Looks like a bust from Western British Columbia.

I started an ƒ/1.4 exposure, pointed just north of Orion, with a 60° field of view, at 8:40 PST, and let it run for just over an hour. Besides lovely star trails, I captured a couple airliners and exactly one meteor.
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Nov 13, 2019
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I waited all week for this huge disappointment. It was cloudy but I just read it didn't happen anyway. Hopefully someone will discover the comet that is associated with the past meteor burst happenings.
Nov 22, 2019
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I had a friend stop by to visit me tonight and neither one of us had heard anything about the meteor shower. Well I walked out with her when she was leaving around 11:30. We were standing there talking and all of a sudden we saw this big bright blue light in the sky towards the East. I have seen falling stars a plenty of times but I had never seen anything like this. We were both facing the same way but her daughter was standing with her back to the East facing us. When it happened my friend and I just got quite and looked at each other wondering what we had just seen. Her daughter asked "what was that". It was so bright it lit up our face and she saw the glow. So I have been looking online to see if I could figure it out. That's when I saw the news about the meteor shower. I also saw pictures of fireball's and that's what we saw. It was an amazing and beautiful site to see. I would love to know if many other people saw anything like it tonight.
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