Life after stellar death? How life could arise on planets orbiting white dwarfs

"Water isn't a guarantee of life, of course, but even the possibility that previously frozen worlds could be rendered habitable by the death of their star, and then be pulled into a close orbit around that dead star where they can remain habitable, gives astrobiologists a new arena in which to consider alien life. Such a world would be the ultimate case of a "phoenix" world, and prove that there can be life after stellar death.

Becker has a paper describing her work studying the search for habitable planets transiting white dwarfs currently under peer review."

My note. This site shows 6146 exoplanets now,

The NASA site shows 5671 exoplanets,

Perhaps some papers will show which of these more than 6,000 exoplanets now has life living on it or evolving from non-living matter. Should be interesting to demonstrate and confirm in science.