Lifting mass off a heavier world

I've procedure to lift mass off a 1.1g to 1.33g world. Around 1.05g it should have Earth's Q-of-L given a Swiss and No Leaf Clover's country denisons.
Someone will need to figure out diamond nanorods for a crane. CNTs for a space elevator have statistical defects ruining the concept +250km long. I'll assume DNRs are good for 250km. A crane is constructed that high from the surface. Oxygen and Hydrogen balloons are generated at the surface. Banked sapphire manufacturing can do this under many environments. The balloons travel to the crane. They are attached to climbers and lift to the top. We are still above Earth G at the apex. A rocket of payload has already been sent to the apex. There, they launch. Eventually the world gets below 1.1g.