Look up! Venus and Pleiades star cluster are putting on a rare evening show

I posted a note yesterday on my Venus and Pleiades observations using the telescope and binoculars at this article, https://forums.space.com/threads/ap...ning-star-at-its-brightest.30321/#post-514624

Last night when I viewed, Venus and M45 (Pleiades) were about 54 arcminute angular separation, tonight much closer as space.com report shows. My location this evening calls for more clouds later but presently, lovely sunny sky :) I find my telescope observations and stargazing log entries can cause consternation for flat earth community folks when they find out what I see and post vs. their videos or astronomical teachings :). In early morning skies I track and view Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, during the day, observations of sunspot AR2759 that emerged on 30-March (reported at spaceweather.com), and Venus, Pleiades observations in the evenings. Time well spent and enjoyable outdoors--Rod